Sam Francis #racist

It is no longer news that statues of real, white American heroes are being removed from public places and images of fake, non-white non-heroes being erected. The totalitarian reconstruction of culture, including the historical past, has now become commonplace. Nevertheless, the reasons offered by those waging the cultural and racial warfare remain interesting, if only because they are now revealing what the enemies of the West think they can get away with.

In Brooklyn, New York, the culture war has escalated to a new level. First, a statue of three white firemen who raised an American flag at the site of the World Trade Center was to have been changed to reflect the racial "diversity" of those who died at the site. The original point was to commemorate the firemen who raised the flag, who were white, not the victims of the terrorist attack. The real point, of course, has nothing to do with the World Trade Center or anyone who died there. The real point is simply to erect an icon to "diversity" itself.



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