Ashley Green, Deirdre & Gravitron Rutherford #crackpot #magick

(Ashley Green)
I've astral travelled. First I saw pixels, then mathematical formulae in geometric shapes. This led to a realisation that I understood the ultimate formula for all existence. It was so obvious, like its right there in front of all of us, hidden in plain sight.

I was told that this is what lies beyond the body: permanent timeless ecstasy and autonomy.

The other orb recommended I go back, as having physicality and experiencing suffering is a gift and this beautiful existence will be waiting when my body dies anyway.

I woke up not knowing who or where I was. It took about 10 minutes of slowly relearning who I am.

This is the ultimate truth. Be grateful for we are the chosen ones.

All memory of the said formula was dissolved. I remember an overwhelming sense that to know this formula in a human state would equate to death of human state.

On the Astral plane I visited a realm where the adults were the size of children and they were playing outside like children. I met a woman/child hybrid with a large scar across her face, she said its gets rough when we play, then someone from a nearby building called her in for dinner.

Endless dimensions and realms of reality out there

On another realm I watched a sun breach a horizon, it rose up in front of me the size Mt. Everest. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!

(Gravitron Rutherford)
Intriguing, when describing the different types of entities, I was blown away with the details in this shell like entity that can only be likened to that of AI. I have always suspected that the universe itself evolved into a supernatural AI through nature’s quantum mechanics crazy probability laws and has somehow able to intermingle with these other planes of existence or may even be the source of these dimensions that are able to harness the information imprinted from our consciousness right into another world similar to an avatar in a video game switching to another game.



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