Unsaveable #sexist incels.co

RageFuel I hate my bluepilled brother.

He's a fat shortcel and acts like he's some hot shit, he's programmercel and yet he says he's not a Incel.(even though he's a virgin at 21)

When i called him bluepilled he said 'no i'm redpilled' :feelsugh: and then i had some talk with him about women few days back and he literally told me 'you need to talk to females for hours if you want to them to like you' :lul: then i asked him about the dickpill i said what if you're a dicklet? you know what he told me? 'if a woman cares about your dick size you shouldn't be with her in the first place' jfl.

Sounds like an incel in denial, has he had any female interest before in his life?

Not any that i know of. He's a truecel tbh, both of us are voicecels also but he mogs me in that regard.

He copes with alcohol and vidya everyday and then says he's not a Incel jfl. Just today he told me to come to his coworkers village near the sea to have some lamb meat, i told him i'm sick and i'm not in the mood for no fucking lamb meat but he still kept bothering me and calling me for literal hours.

Sounds like its over for him tbh, you should send him a FaceandLMS video and see how he reacts.

He'll probably say it doesn't apply to him because we don't live in The West. He doesn't deny the lookspill but says personalty also matters.

Where do you live?

Eastern Europe i guess.

Geez So many EEcels here. Curries and EEs makes up about 60% of the user base here.

Yes i think its predominately EE users here. Big cities in EE are fucking terrible. Truly an unique kind of hell. Not westernized enough, not culturally advanced on their own either. This message comes from 2nd world gang.



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