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spoilerI'm not going to forget all of the
politicians, media figures,
celebrities, and everyday people
who supported and advocated for
the firing of thousands of
hardworking, decent people, and
who fomented discrimination and
segregation against those who
refused an injection.

( @MrsLiberty48 )
@MorpheusMAGA Even relatives who condemned you and called you “selfish“ when you tried to inform them that this jab was poison…our relationship is OVER! 🤨

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( @Mr_Common_Sense )

( @TonyGFunderburk )
@MorpheusMAGA -NO AMNESTY, Nuremburg 2.0

@MorpheusMAGA The Hangings will Go On For Years !

( @Anti_Christ )
@MorpheusMAGA forced consent to rape by a needle with unknown potential toxins



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