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Why racemaxxing is good for society
There isn't any clear way to divide humans into races, any such attempt will be arbitrary and thus race is actually a social construct in the sense that we as a society have created arbitrary categories for it that.

Since race socially is defined largely by appearance changing your race is very possible and this may also improve your quality of life. People being able to change their race means that race itself becomes less meaningful since it's more of an identity/presentation and less about what you were born as.

Of course people into toxic identity politics may very much oppose transracialism since it goes against their toxic ideologies but society itself do benefit very much from judging people by their actual abilities rather than the color of their skin.

Changing the color of your skin is very common, all you need to do is go out in the sun and tan. The difference between tanning and transracialism is just a difference in degree.

Also race mixing is rooted in misogyny


It’s even rooted in imperialism

Are you referring to how the conquistadors raped the natives at a massive scale? (south america).


I am not sure why that would matter today regarding whether or not racemixing is good.

Mixing 2 races can result in a hybrid vigor


I can see why some people are into racial conservatism but i do not think it's viable, you are just trying to delay the inevitable.



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