Three Anons #racist

(Austrian Anon)
Could the Baltics be our ethnostate? There's barely any niggers there (that is if you don't consider Russians to be niggers). Do we need to send Austrian BVLLS there in order to repopulate it? What are the political ramifications of Austrian men once again moving to the Baltics in order to marry a Baltic qt there and become the upper class? The Livionian order did it 800 years ago. Tens of thousands of German BVLLS moved to the Baltics in order to settle it but they didn't bring German women with them so they married Baltic women and cucked Baltic men.

Austrian BVLLS can bleach the mongol out of them just as we did with Hungarians and Czechs

(Estonian Anon)

We already have our ethno-states. It's in the first lines of our consitution.

Estland for estlanders. Latvia for latvians Lithuania for lithuanians.

We have enough slav-niggers invading our territory as it is.

Now fuck off and fix your own shit you fucking globalist cunts. You damn kike ass austrian nigger, fuck off. Only good thing ever to come out of Austria was the dude with the half-moustasche. We arrived here after the ice age following the melting ice, we were here long before you, we've survived all your cuck empires through the last 1000 years and we will be here long after your cucked ass nations have genetically melted into the niggers that you spiritually already are. Clown.

(Latvian Anon)

>we hate rusky and nigger equally and threat them the same

No, we are only allowed to hate on russian because they are "white" now go a head and try to post anything negative about niggers on your real facebook profile (if you have one) or in our pozzed social media sites, good luck getting away without prosecution. Latvians are faggots.



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