RalstonRock #fundie cracked.com

*On a Cracked article about stupid-looking dinosaurs*

Holy s**t can't scientists ever do something cool? Look just because you were beaten up in fourth grade it doesn't mean you have to keep throwing all of these s****y dinosaurs at us. I know the dinosaurs are just made up anyway, you took random dragon bones and started rearranging them into bullshit shapes to impress your basement dwelling science friends. Next time I want you idiot paleontologists, fossilologists, and geologists to start creating a dinosaur with an ak-47 instead of a dick on it’s head, okay? Maybe the people will start supporting your bogus career. Personally, I used to humor this whole theory of evolution thing, back when science was all about atomic explosions and curing smallpox. These days, science is about the Earth getting colder and dinosaurs looking increasingly stupider. What a crock of shit. This is why I support creationism, there are no surprises and everything is based on fact. You know, facts like reptiles have scales, birds have feathers. This isn’t Harry Potter, you can’t just shove two random animals together and call it a “hippogriff.” It’s a disgrace.



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