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Speaking as a "Math" person, I wanted to clarify something: Asians do very well in many courses relating to Math IN THE US, which has an extremely dumbed down version of Math. Most esteemed mathematicians have NOT been Asians (yes, I know about Terence Tao bla bla), but statistically, no, just no. Most famous and important mathematicians have been, and continue to be, White men. I have given tough problems to students and Asians are not that much more above average when you control for quality. Sure, if you put a Chinese student in a typical American Algebra class, he will laugh. Our schools are a joke to cater to our dumbed down population. This country has a lot of people with low intelligence. Our schools, based on egalitarian fanaticism, refuse to track students and in fact are doubling down on the dumbing down. So, there you have an observation from someone like me who has trained students for Math competitions.

Second, there are very few blacks in Math, but we do have some. It is possible, though rare. Most mathematicians are still, MALE and White/Asian. This is why so many people hate Math as a reality. In Math, you cannot bs your way out.

"Creative genius" is really rather rare in the Asian race. They are indeed very hardworking (not all Asians though. Often, stats tend to ignore the "lower tier" of the Asians such as Filipinos, who are known to be more gangster like and have a lower IQ. Northern Asians do indeed have high IQ levels, but not the creative genius power of the Western White man, particularly the protestant northern European. They are more comparable to army ants: they are dedicated, work well in unison with groups, master a book to perfection, but not much in the way of individual creation.



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