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( @RedPedePolitics )

spoilerRemember when Liberals were so
concerned about grandma dying they
wanted us all locked up? Now healthy
adults and kids are dropping dead
from the supposed cure and their
silence is deafening. Liberalism is the
disease that needs to be cured.

( @rfblowg )
@RedPedePolitics If the Liberals followed their own advice and got jabbed the problem is self curing.

( @ItalianRebel )
@rfblowg @RedPedePolitics no saline though, they need to real deal

( @OldTimeBiker )
@RedPedePolitics they don't care how many are injured or killed.... Depopultion is the agenda...

( @HatedAbusedAndSlandered )
@RedPedePolitics Only 2 ways to cure liberalism: the lethal cv-19 injection and a gunshot.

( @titus310always )
@HatedAbusedAndSlandered @RedPedePolitics what is the difference between Kyle`s 3 shots and the clot shot? Kyle`s 3 shots worked.

( @53tele )
@RedPedePolitics and yet the radio and tv still broadcast how safe and effective the vaccine is and Trudeau who makes money from it keeps pushing it as well. they all need to face justice and communist traitors like Trudeau need to be put on the gallows

( @Volcanic84 )
@RedPedePolitics Liberalism is an incurable disease that warps the mind and blackens the soul.

( @titus310always )
@Volcanic84 @RedPedePolitics out of liberalism spawns progressivism. Used by control freaks as a cudgel to say look at me.....I am in charge here....

( @SimonPMcNudd )
@RedPedePolitics You wanna know what is incredibly stupid??? If you go to a Dr. office you have to wear a mask. As soon as you leave the office, you can take the mask off. If you see your Dr. shopping at Wal Mart, he won't be wearing a mask and you can walk up to him and talk to him all day long. Does anybody else out there with a brain see the irony of MORONIC high level retarded horse crap these masks are doing? What has happened to our country?



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