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(Note: The person they are derisively referring to, Asmodeus Rex, is a commenter on AmRen with a rather unenviable reputation there for his relative liking of Latin Americans)

RE: Rising Diversity Is Joe Biden’s Worry, Too


The Whites who vote for Democrats out of strong and sincere political conviction may finally get their wish. They have long professed to want to change the country deeply, claiming that it's not only harmless to do so, but progress. I hope they enjoy the new creation they have campaigned for all these many decades.

Yes, such progress. Just look at the native countries and regions that all of these nonwhite peoples in the United States trace their ancestry back to. Haven't they all historically been better than the United States? Therefore, isn't it a great improvement to transform the United States of America from a gleaming outpost of European civilization in the New World into a Third-World society? That way we can emulate the success of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and, of course, Asmodeous Mex's favorite people, the Latin Americans. Yes, stop being European and become these nonwhite others, and the USA will become a more intelligent, more creative, more productive, more orderly, more cohesive country - won't it?

The leftist-liberals are not surpassed by anyone in history as scoundrels and scum. They have identified, and fanatically adhered to, the most potent plan imaginable to degrade a superb and high-achieving society into just another Third World dump.

It is disgraceful, and suicidal, of the white Americans, that they have lowered their birthrate to a population-decline level. The future belongs to those who bother to show up for it, and the whites aren't.


Even though there are already parts of the US that look like a Third World Country, the part that really makes my blood boil is so many Whites marrying Asmodeus Mex's favorite people (he probably refuses to admit that a VERY large number have Negroid admixture, which is the reason for the extremely dark skin on some of them sometimes as dark or even darker than American Blacks and the Patels) and these "people" having a higher standard of living than working class Americans. They receive all the free stuff, $10,000 income tax returns (even though they don't pay taxes); they are permitted to commit all types of fraud even against the IRS. They have so much money that all of them have nice vehicles bought for cash as well as homes bought for cash, free college educations courtesy of the American taxpayer. Once their kids are old enough to drive, all of them get vehicles because money is not a problem.. In the meantime, homeless veterans still die in the street. That is pure treason on the ones that have set things up to be that way..



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