BlkPillPres #psycho #sexist

RE: [Blackpill] she had to force herself to find you attractive btw

What ascension copers don't get is that from a woman's perspective she's always settling because nobody is good enough for her, so an "ascended" incel is always going to have to be "working on himself" in order to keep a woman from straying

Lol who cares if she forced herself. As long as she "forces herself" to stay loyal idgaf. Imagine caring about if a foid wants you or not after swallowing the blackpill.

Most incels aren't even black pilled, they are just blue pilled bandwagonists who are here because they don't have anywhere else to go

Like many have said before me, pretty much all incels are one IOI (Indicator Of Interest) away from disowning the black pill and calling it "a phase". They just need to get one wink with a smile to start doubting the black pill, one warm hug to start looksmaxxing because "maybe I have a chance"



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