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[From “Who stabbed Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel?”]

Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and several worshipers were attacked in an absurdly vicious and completely over the top[…]
And yet the stabbing was strangely ineffectual. It is very easy to kill people. It is not that difficult to do it with bare hands[…]and with knife of suitable size, trivial[…]
The attacker says “Allahu Akbar” so that everyone will know this is a Mohammedan attack on a Christian[…]Emmanuel has not said or done anything that would particular piss off Mohammedans[…]
What has outraged people his his criticisms of the demon worshipers ruling us

I am fairly sympathetic and supportive of Islam. I say Mohammed was right about women, the Taliban are fighting for their freedom and restoring order, peace, and prosperity to a land endlessly ravaged by war, that we need to postpone renewing the crusades until we have dealt with the common enemy of demon worshipers[…]I say the Jews are attempting to genocide the Palestinians. Muslims generally seem to perceive me as a frenemy, and I am sure that they would similarly perceive Bishop[…]Emmanuel, who, unlike me, has always preached the human dignity of people of all faiths

I suppose in a sense I preach the much same thing, in that I say that the Peace of Westphalia should be applied to all faiths, but I also say it will need to be imposed on Dar al-Islam with a big stick, and that Cortes had the right answer for demon worship. We can worry about Mohammedanism after we and the Mohammedans have dealt with the big problem: Demon worship ruling the west[…]
Part of the horror of this attack is that he failed to take any effectual action to protect himself, while I am still mostly killer ape, and wear civilization like an ill fitting suit. But there is a place in Christianity for men of violence[…]I am a big fan of Saint Theodore the Varangian. Bishop[…]Emmanuel says he fears nothing[…]Sometimes, a more forceful method of dealing with evil is appropriate



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