Bad Personality #psycho

Jfl, my threats were a mix between barbaric and creative:
"I will cut your face off with a hub cap"
"I will murder you and you're family"
"Stay away from me or I will cut your scalp off with the edge of my house key, wear it as a hat and anally rape your family while you watch"

That explains why Normies want me dead tbh

In my school there was a certain group of normies who would always make fun of my appearance and give me nicknames n everything cuz I'm ugly. One day I just went up to the main guy of that group and punched him in the face until he fell to the ground and then he ran away crying to the teachers. All of his friends who bullied me were there but didn't intervene because normies are spineless and don't actually care for anyone, even their friends. In the office a teacher laughed at the reason why I beat him up (the nicknames and Makin fun of my appearance) which was even more humiliating and the guy I beat up and his friends had zero punishment whatsoever where as I was told off and punished for standing up for myself when apparently "I should've talked to a teacher about this" jfl

Thats exactly what happened in my story. I was choking Archie, but everyone else just watched as it happend jfl. I tip my hat to you, good sir. Beating up a bully is one thing, but making him cry is another level of alpha dominance haha. Teachers talk bullshit. "We don't tolerate bullying" yet they do fuck all about it.

Absolute [RageFuel] tbh, what a bunch of fucking cocksuckers. Normies are absolute psychopaths. I would never apologize to those faggots, they basically indirectly supported you being bullied. If I were you in that situation, after typing the apology and seeing their piss poor reactions, I'd just say "sike."

Hahaha that would've been better ngl. I just didn't respond coz I had to wagesl- I mean go to work.



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