Musevini MUST FALL #moonbat #sexist

Heterosexuality is violent. It is not a private and personal intimacy. It is a widely supported ideology that erases, vilifies and structures how material resources are dispersed

You don't get to make heterosexuality personal and intimate because it is not an apolitical sexual orientation that ppl can engage in without harm

Even more disturbing is the accusation that LGBTQ people are shoving their orientations down anybodys throat, when it is heterosexuality that created shock conversion therapy, hostile labor markets, dehumanizing disgust and contempt for ppl who aren't hetero

I'm basically trying to say, if you fix your mouth to suggest that LGBTQ ppl are forcing anything on you, you're a bigot

Nobody has ever tried to electrocute my straight away or denied me means to survive or try to kill me because I'm straight



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