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Whether it’s abortion-on-demand or student loan forgiveness…the underlying premise of liberalism is a complete lack of personal responsibility and the notion that nothing you do has consequences.

All I hear is about "rights". Never hear anyone discussing "responsibilities".
Looking for new republicans who harp about personal responsibility. No "it takes a village" b.s.


If they lose relationship with NCAA and Planned Parenthood, they lose two very large laundering silos.

They launder through these instructions. Kick backs, bribed, threats… all using our money. Remember, the government does not create wealth, they take it.

A great point.
Exactly how does unaccountability work in their desire for a globalist new world order..

The lawlessness is the vehicle to tyrannical fascist DEADLY consequences.

The left is so fucking stupid.

Today I had FB discussions regarding women being personally responsible to avoid pregnancy and therefore to avoid abortion. The leftists dismissed personal responsibility outright, while screaming at the top of their lungs for a woman’s right to choose and how white men shouldn’t decide this matter.



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