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[Blackpill] Men and women can never be friends. The two sexes are natural antagonists.

Men and women are natural antagonists. Our brains, bodies and hormones are structured very differently which is why our mating strategies, behaviors, and visions for society and civilization are total opposites. Its a tug-o-war between the two sexes. When one wins, the other must correspondingly lose. Given that we are so different, it is a tragedy that both sexes need and want things from each other and are coerced to cooperate with each other; it creates a lot of tension and distress from the constant negotiations and bargaining as one side tries to secure its position at the expense of the other.

exactely, the mating strategies of the genders are not mutually beneficial as they are trying to make us believe. Instead they are vehemently opposed. At best they are mutually exploitative as in, the guy fucks around, the girl fucks around etc... aka its not a monogamous relationship at all.

Well said. High IQ.

Men and women can be friends but only if the sexual dynamic has been shut down in some way ie say some guy is friends with an old librarian woman who is like a mother or grandmother to him as an example of this or some hot super Stacy befriends a raging flaming fruit of a fag like Nikocado Avacado of YouTube infamy etc, etc. Two young and attractive people of the Chad and Stacy variety however? Fuck no! And they’re only deceiving themselves if they think they can maintain such a friendship without inevitably hopping into bed together.

Well said. High IQ.



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