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Why are white countries into war and brutality?

Is it because they had no resources back then and became very aggressive and barbaric? Did they never develop culture and civilization? Why are current whites so much like zombies or wild and uncivilized ? The scandinavians seem more reasonable.

Why is US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK so aggressive and so obsessed with race and playing keep the minority men away from white women?

It is because they stole a lot of land that they cannot control. The English speaking people cannot control a vast swarth of land, that is why they had a system of "white people". So white people are in control, non whites are not in control. And the white people, divide them into groups.

The Anglos, Welsh, Scots, would be on top, while there is a hierarchy where like minded people like brethens such as Germans, Dutch, Danes are ranked highly but they also let Italians and French in because of past accomplishments of colonialism. Even within a white group, there is a hierarchy. That is why Slavs would be on the bottom, they aren't related to Anglo genetically like Germanic people nor are they culturally related through the Roman Empire.

Anglos are violent because it is a violent clash of Celtic groups, Romans, and invading Germanic peoples. Anglos are a combination of France, Spain, Italy + Germany, Netherlands, Denmark. They are a result of conquest from the Germanic people onto England.

And the invading people were barbaric, they came from a place with no resources, they love wine and rape. They worship war. They want to go to Valhalla. Their best quality is going ape shit and going into a blind rage and becoming rational when everything is destroy, then they celebrate.

The Germanic groups also bitter because they got pushed from their homelands by the Slavs. And the Slavs got pushed westward by Turkic peoples. They rationalize conquest of lands with glory and honor.

In short, white people run a pyramid scheme.



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