Ron #fundie

I think it is important to note that there is absolutely nothing that being gay adds to society. Homosexuality and lesbianism has absolutely no positive affect on any society in which you find such activity.

You may attempt to say; “but there are many homosexuals and lesbians that have added greatly to society in the areas of art, science, and humanitarian pursuits (etc…) and I'd agree, BUT this isn’t BECAUSE they were homosexuals or lesbians, rather because they were PEOPLE.

In fact, the act that gives homosexuals and lesbians their title doesn’t even add to society; rather, it stunts society. The sexual proclivities that drive homosexuals and lesbians, does not, and cannot ever, result in procreation. In fact, in order for the homosexuals and lesbians to procreate, they must act (hypocritically) against that which they call their “nature”. But, biologically, their sexual proclivities act anathema to biological nature.

Another thing to ponder, is this: I will be called a “bigot” for making the above statements (which begs further questions because the definition for "bigot" relates to race not sexual prefrence), or I will be labeled “intolerant” for making the above statements (which begs further questions such as "isn't the hetreophobe being "intolerant" of my opinions?). But when one comes to the crux of the matter, all I have done is stated facts….



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