fred drog #wingnut #conspiracy #racist

This artist was appreciated by a beautiful girl named Paige Hayden. She was snuffed out "mysteriously" at the hands of a race traitor poser scumbag who thinks he's a "neo nazi", the canadian govt is an anti-white backstabbing war on drug enforcing monetary prison of pollution and ((progress and diversity)) where canadian women can be killed and forgotten, left unavenged, and have their death passed off as "fentanyl OD" even though autopsy reports say otherwise. Paige sent me this song shortly before dying at the hands of a fentanyl selling scumbag race traitor who likes to murder white women. I love her and miss her, and ill do what I can to bring light to this situation. canadas govt would rather enforce drug laws and removes peoples right to free speech than arrest active murderers and fentanyl dealers (thx commie china for the fentanyl and thanks antifascist capitalists for the war on drugs that makes it flourish, good stuff guys). This woman wouldve been safer in nazi Germany where they did not enforce a war on drugs and adults could self medicate without arrest unlike antifascist progressive diverse countries that destroye Germany, white people and the Earth in pursuit of money, power and consumption and creation of garbage



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