kiwimaj #conspiracy

You know the glasses that the characters in "They Live" wear to see the truth of who is ruling over us..? Lately I have been trying to figure out why the establishment is so keen on taking control of marijuana crops and you can see their keen ness by the black copters late at night circling overhead with night cameras trying to find naughty people growing it..Well maybe there is something in the smoking of the stuff that will allow us to see them for who they really are? (reptillians, aliens, etc..) and all the other dumbing down that has been doing on, a major part of that is again, to keep us from seeing our enslavers in their true light? Also, if we can experience other dimensions (through the right brain being more activiated, along with the pineal gland..etc..) we would then be able to see those other dimensions where they also reside ?

Maybe all the dumbing down from chemtrails to mercury fillings to mcdonalds is not just about keeping us from being who we truly are, exploring our infinite consciousness and creativeness etc., but what it's really all about is them not being exposed...

Just something that came to me...



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