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Extraterrestrials Have Been Visiting Earth

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Abstract: Since the U.S. Government and all branches of the U.S. Government refuse to directly state we are being visited by extraterrestrials in physical, metallic craft, I will do it. We are being visited by people from other star systems in physical, metallic craft. This paper is dedicated to the late Stanton T. Friedman.

Stanton T. Friedman was 100% correct.

Some UFOs are flying saucers that do not have origins on Earth. Their origins are from other star systems which have civilizations more technologically advanced than our own. Their reasons for visiting Earth and watching us are various, but I think it is quite straight forward. They are presenting themselves, as if to say, hi! You are not alone!
Hollywood has seriously ruined our perception of other worldly intentions. These beings are clearly more advanced than us socially, evolutionarily and technologically, so they will not be interested in war or fighting over resources like we are. Our main preoccupation per Stanton, and our own history is tribal warfare, and the civilizations that are visiting know this. They have watched us drop nuclear warheads on ourselves, murder ourselves in the millions, and even watch our youtube channels and TV shows. They monitor our radio waves, our satellite communications, and even have shut down nuclear silos and allowed jets to chase them to test out our defense capabilities. As well, military officials have recovered bodies of some of these beings, and subsequently lied their faces off to cover it up, back in 1947 at the Roswell Crash. In short, they know literally everything about us, but the public knows very little about them. The U.S. Government knows more, as they have recovered bodies and flying saucer material. Maybe a 28th Amendment to the Constitution is in order to protect our civil rights against the U.S. Government in their denial of visitation of extraterrestrial beings from other star systems. After all, they are funded by us, the taxpayers.

I, as a discoverer of the process of planet formation (planets are evolving/dead stars), without any doubt in my mind, support the conclusion of Stanton T. Friedman in that some UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft. The study of extraterrestrial spacecraft needs to be taken up by universities around the world, because it is of major scientific and societal importance that we understand these new, exotic individuals who are visiting us and their craft. It is humbling to say the least, as the people visiting us already know of major scientific truths that we don’t even know exist yet. It is time we acknowledge whole heartedly that we are not the biggest fish in the ocean, not even close.



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