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This paper first briefly outlines and establishes the methods of obtaining rational historical truth untainted by empirical bias based on Hegel’s dialectics and notions of the state, identifying the source of revelational truth validity and memory-awakening that are the primary sources for the Hwan-Suomi(Finno-Korean) Hyperwar, and then proceeds to summarize existing theories and research so far on the source and the end of the Hyperwar by the Hyper-Academic community. The three main models analyzed are the Hwan-Autism-Pyramids Theory, the Suomi-Memes-Autism Theory, and the Hwan-Autism-Suomi-Pyramids Theory. This paper establishes the flawed nature of all three theories and proposes an alternative – the Hwan-Pyramids-Suomi-Nexus theory – that satisfactorily explain both the existing evidence and new information acquired from sources of revelation and memory-awakening, and shatters the pro-Finnish bias of existing hyperwar research.

Iman Mosleh #crackpot #fundie vixra.org

Letter Theory, Creating and Describing Mathematical Axioms of a System for Letters which Creates Most Simplified Language with Provable Sentences

This paper is a cross field work between theology, linguistics and mathematics (abstract algebra, topology, set theory, fractal geometry and number theory) which tries to establish a letter system to define word meanings by letter meanings and to restart mathematical theology on this planet which we think had been started by Abraham the prophet.We try to answer this question that can we create a meaning system which every alphabet letter has an specific meaning in, and when we combine them to create words we have a clear system to define every word meaning just by its letters meaning and order of that letters in the word?We will show that if we have a fractal system we can establish a letter system for it.The other question which i try to answer is that can we produce a letter system which provide us provable sentences?

https://vixra.org/abs/2211.0067 #crackpot vixra.org

(Abstract, full paper three pages)

Are Pyramids of Giza a 5-Dimensional Clock for Observations in Quantized 5D (L3T2) Spacetime ?

Question: Following up on the ideas presented in "Search for the World Formula" and "Unified Principles of Nature" as well as in tentative "General Quantum Relativity" we presented a novel combination of mathematics and physics for quantization of the 3 Dimensions of space (L3) to 5 Dimensions space-time (L3T2) over 12 Dimensions of relative quantized finite spacetime (L/T) using only physical Dimensions of space and time itself. Based on the findings and the possibility to derive the speed of light from the Diameter of the earth it is raised the question, if Pyramids were used as "5D-clocks" in ancient Egypt

Stephen P. Smith #crackpot #magick vixra.org

Color Afterimages as Innate Memories as Hypothesized by the Mirror Universe Theory

This paper considers two explanations for negative color afterimages: that they are the result of overstimulation of the retina, or that they are a result of training and are part of an innate memory that begins in the retina. Moreover, the innate memory hypothesis comes with an additional speculation that innate memories are part of a mirror universe and have a panpsychist origin. By measuring the duration in one person’s experience it was found that a 40-second exposure to blue comes with a yellow afterimage that lasted 35 seconds. This was only 4 seconds longer than the afterimage that followed eight 5-second showings of blue that were separated by seven 5-second refractory periods that showed white light. That is, the skimpy 4 seconds did not impress given the claim that overstimulation causes afterimages and given the whopping 35 seconds (7×5) of refractory time allotted to the alternative. Because the seven refractory periods also came with afterimages, the cumulative duration of afterimages was actually 66 seconds and this provides a stronger contradiction of the explanation based on overstimulation. Furthermore, a 5-second showing of blue generated a 10-second afterimage, a 200% increase over the showing of blue. However, with more stimulation the 40-second showing of blue generated an afterimage that was only 87.5% as long as the stimulation time. Taken together, these demonstrations marginally support the memory explanation, but there remains room to disagree.

Reza Rezaie Khanghah #fundie vixra.org

(Abstract, full paper 23 pages, as well as several other works on the topic by the author)

Imam Mahdi, Antichrist Or A Promised Saviour Besides Jesus Christ?

Purpose: In this article, we discussed whether Imam Mahdi is an Antichrist or a Promised Saviour Besides Jesus Christ and other topics. This article attempts to deal with the concepts "Occultation", "Imamat", "Mahdaviat", "Mahdism" and Who is Antichrist that prophesied both in Islam and Christianity. Also, this research was conducted to answer and clarify three questions that stated in the Introduction section.Methods: We performed our methods in 4 stages: Identifying studies, Selection of Studies, Collating Studies, Reporting results.Results: One of the statements of those who say that Imam Mahdi is the Antichrist is that he is not included in other religious books at all and his name is not mentioned in the Quran and the Muslims forcibly accepted him as their Messiah, but in response to these people, it is not the Muslims who are forcibly introducing the Imam Mahdi as a savior, but vice versa. The Quran contains many verses that mention Imam Mahdi. Not only the Quran, but also other religious books mention him, even with the titles and names mentioned in the Qur'an. Conclusion: The coming of Imam Mahdi and Jesus Christ is one of the sure promises of God, and these two saviors will appear with God's help and the will of the people. They fill the earth with justice and establish the government of God. We hope this article will take an important step in acquainting people with Imam Mahdi and Jesus Christ and paving the ground for their reappearance.

Manfred U. E. Pohl #crackpot #fundie vixra.org

What is the seduction behind the expulsion from paradise in detail? If we recognize that "time" stands on the one hand for the principle of cause and effect and thus for the interaction between nature (God) and man and on the other hand for the principle of relativity (movement) and separate these two things, then we limit the area of mathematically formally describable perception to the earthly level and respect that the causal level, i.e. the real drive of the universe, cannot be described with formulas, numbers and physical units, but exists. This is exactly what man has deviated from when he defined "time" as a physical unit in order to explore the essence, i.e. the laws of nature (God), which, however, must remain closed to him on principle. In other words, by embarking on a search for a mathematically describable reality, man takes the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. The world formula, on the other hand, says: There can be no such world formula.

(Full paper: nine pages)

Leon Elshout #ufo #fundie vixra.org

Covid 19 marks 72 years after the Corona/Roswell-Ufo crash

by leon elshout, 23/3/2020, https://roodgoudvanparvaim.nl

Just a thought on the present Corona crisis. The famous Roswell ufo crash in 1947 happened to be in a little town named Corona. The crash was reported earlier in Corona than in Roswell (1). From 1947 to 2019 marks 72 years. And here we have got the religious dimension of it. In islam a tridition says that there are 72 virgins (demons?) in heaven. Another tradition states that 72 demons evoked king Sakomon (2). Can it be that the Gray Aliens had introduced the Corona Virus in an attempt to accelerate the process that will finally lead to the Endtimes?

1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corona,_New_Mexico
2. http://www.mysticfiles.com/72-demons-evoked-by-king-solomon/

Ionel Dinu and Lori Gardi #crackpot vixra.org

(Emphasis original)

Fundaments of a Theory of Aether – Part 1

The necessity of acknowledging the existence of a new chemical element is discussed. A new view of the electric current as a diffusion wave in a wire is advanced. The production of a magnetic field by an electric current is explained in terms of mechanics of surface waves.

Keywords: aether, aether acoustic wave, electrigen, diffusion wave, electric charge, electric current, magnetic field

This work is an improvement upon the ideas advanced in the work titled Rudiments of a Theory of Aether (2007). Its aim is to continue with the ambitious plan of giving a mechanical description of the phenomena of electricity, magnetism, gravitation and light. While the previous work still used the concept of electron and electric charge, this is not the case now. Scrapping the concept of electric charge naturally leads to reconsidering the nature of the electric current and of the cause of the magnetic field produced by it. It will be seen that the new view advanced here is fully consistent with the phenomena observed in electromagnetism.
A mechanical explanation of electromagnetic phenomena is very much desired and has been the ultimate goal of the great physicists of the last century. Mechanics operates with the most fundamental concepts in physics and therefore it is most fitted in explaining physical phenomena. The basic tenet of a mechanical theory is that the actions produced by matter are due to what matter does, not to what matter is. In explaining the nature of gravitation, and its power to act at a distance through vacuum, the concept of mass having an intrinsic power to attract another mass at a distance has been denied, as did Isaac Newton many times in his writings (see The Origin of Gravitation).
A similar procedure will be used now. Electrostatic actions are not due to entities called electric charges (positive and negative). Electrostatic attractions and repulsions are the result of molecular vibrations transmitted through the Aether and the artificial concept of electric charge is replaced with that of energy charge. The concept of electric charge has been very helpful in systemizing the phenomena of electricity, but this does not mean that electric charge and electric force must be elevated to the status of fundamental concepts in physics. They are so now because no mechanical explanation has been found so far.

The Electrigen
Ever since electrical phenomena have been observed and recorded, two distinct processes have been identified: that bodies act a distance on one another, and that something in their constitution has changed, that they are in a new condition. Confusing these two has prevented researchers from finding a mechanical explanation of electrostatic phenomena.
On the one hand, Benjamin Franklin clearly noticed that something is being transferred from one body to another during friction or when being connected to an electrical machine. This change in constitution was related by him to the existence of an electric fluid that has been lost by one and gained by another.
On the other hand, charged objects act a distance on one another through attractions and repulsions. These interactions cannot be transmitted other that by vibrations in the intervening aether because they are observed even in vacuum and because the aether is a compressible inviscid liquid that can propagate interactions exclusively through longitudinal waves. If we are to find a mechanical explanation for these interactions, the only way is to think of them as being produced by what matter does, not by what matter is and proposing the matter is positive or negative. This further leads to the conclusion that electrostatic attractions and repulsions are due to matter set in a motion of vibration, in other words, that matter is charged with energy, not with “electricity”.
Thus, Benjamin Franklin’s electric fluid does not have to be a substance “charged with electricity”, it is sufficient to acknowledge its existence and to explain the electrostatic forces to which it gives rise by its vibration, that is, by its energy charge. In this work, this fluid is called electrigen.
The electrigen can be thought of as a chemical element. Following the scheme used in chemistry, its name stems from electri- (electrical phenomena) and -gen (gene - producing). Needless to add that it is a neutral substance, just as any other chemical element. And its name is not to be understood as implying that it is the only element producing electrostatic attractions and repulsions through its vibration. The other elements are equally potent when set in vibration but it is due to the electrigen having revealed the existence of electrostatic phenomena that such a name was assigned to it.
In acknowledging the existence of electrigen as a new chemical element, we find support from the most unexpected quarters, even from chemistry itself. Thus, no other that Dmitri Mendeleev, the founder of the Periodic Table of chemical elements, foretold the existence of elements x and y in Group 0. Look at Figures 1 and 2 of his table. In the present work, element x is identified as the Aether, and the element y as the electrigen.
A further support for the existence of electrigen comes from the phenomena observed in vacuum tubes. William Crookes called it the fourth state of matter, and later cathode rays. O.W. Richardson observed that electrigen can be evaporated from substances heated in vacuum, and that in such a state of vibration the electrigen behaves as a “negatively charged substance”. In a mechanical explanation of electrostatic phenomena what this means is that the vibrating electrigen repels itself and attracts other chemical elements.
Due to its lightness, the electrigen is easily set in vibration and its oscillations can be conceived as transferring to the aether small amplitude, high frequency waves. Other elements, being heavier, would impart to the aether waves of larger amplitudes and lower frequencies. As a result, elements placed in such aether acoustic fields will be attracted repelled according to their natural vibration frequencies.


The present work showed how a mechanical picture of the electrostatic phenomena can be constructed by using the new concept of Electrigen as a Group 0, Period I chemical element of the Periodic Table of Elements. In this scheme, the Aether occupies the Group 0, Period 0 cell of the sametable, consistent with Dmitri Mendeleev’s conception of elements x and y.
The electrostatic phenomena of attractions and repulsions are attributed to the vibrations of the various elements and to the acoustic fields they produce in the surrounding aether.
The electrigen is conceived as covering the atoms of elements and clinging to them due to the external aether pressure. When chemical reactions take place, the electrigen is transferred from one substance to another. In a chemical cell for example, it is accumulated on the dissolving electrode, and produces a diffusion wave through a wire when one is connected between the two electrodes of the cell.
The electric current is thus an electrigen diffusion wave that produces surface waves in the surrounding aether. The circular motion of aether particles which results constitute the magnetic field observed when an electric current flows through a wire. This view has further consequences on the validity of Ampere’s formula for electric current elements as well as on our conception of the magnetic field, which will be discussed in a future work.

Jeffrey Joseph Wolynski #crackpot #dunning-kruger vixra.org

Expanding Earth, Semi-Aquatic Dinosaurs, Earth Atmosphere in 3-5 Bar, Exoplanets and Stellar Metamorphosis

Some information is tied together regarding expanding Earth, stellar metamorphosis, semi-aquatic dinosaurs, exoplanets, Earth’s atmosphere and the idea that the Earth was covered by large shallow seas at one point in its evolution. This is to tie together some really big ideas which make more sense than currently taught plate tectonics, nebular hypothesis, land dinosaur theory, and the idea that Earth has remained this way almost its entire existence.

Igor Krichtafovitch #crackpot vixra.org

Information as the Evolution Driving Force

In contrast, a homo genus is the least accommodated to live on this planet. None of the homo habilis, homo erectus, and later inhabitants passed the survivability test. Furthermore, they all extinct. Homo sapiens, the only lone survivor, also was on the brink of extinction at least three times. Twice we barely escaped the extinction having slipped through the bottleneck of mitochondrial Eve 2 and Y-chromosome Adam 3. After evading these Scylla and Charybdis,powerful Toba super-eruption occurred about 74 thousand years ago. According to some theories, that event brought the human population to a mere 3,000-10,000 individuals. There is a growing body of literature casting a doubt on the very pillar of Darwinian theory: the natural selection by the survival of the fittest 4-8.
Should natural selection had been a real cause of the evolution of living species then fragile humans should gradually evolve into some fitter races. The natural evolution would change hairless bipedal feeble creatures into more robust primates, then to better fit mammals, and, eventually, to krill and single-celled bacteria. Some prominent scientists are not fond of and warn about “the obsession with natural selection” 9.
The irrefutable fact is that new species evolve and the evolution goes steadily in one dominant direction. The development vector does not point to the direction of highest survivability or productivity. As Richard Bird 8 put it: “Life increases in complexity in one specific sense; computational complexity.” Such statement is so obvious that it hardly can be argued against.


The evolution’s driver is not a survival of the fittest. It is an inescapable necessity of intelligence and memory storage growth.
Now our Hypothesis arrived at completion. The following postulates may summarize it:
1. Biological evolution as a natural life origin and development is a reality.
2. The evolution is a coordinated and controlled process, not a consequence of random mutations and/or survival of the fittest.
3. The evolution main development vector is a growing computational complexity of the Biosphere intelligence.
4. The intelligent matter which conducts and controls global evolution is a gigantic bio-computer combining all living organisms on Earth: the Global Mind (GM).
5. The GM is a virtual information matter (like a software) based on and running all living cells and organelles. The GM actions are initiated, powered and stimulated by random mutations.
6. Natural selection as a survival of the fittest is the definite factor in horizontal changes, i.e., within same species. The course of vertical evolutionary leaps is pushed by the growing Biosphere memory volume and organisms’ increasing complexity. Greater memory volume requires a greater number and more intellectually advanced organisms for storing and handling it. More intricate organisms require the greater computational complexity of GM in order to keep control over the Biosphere. This is an endless recursive endeavor with accelerated evolutionary dynamic.
7. New species (vertical evolutionary leap) occur when two conditions are met: a) global memory storage volume reaches its limit and b) global intelligence capacity (computational complexity) reaches critical mass capable of producing more advanced creatures.

The Hypothesis presented here does not contradict the naturalistic concept of life creation and evolution. It is not meant Darwinian concepts’ denial. It simply shows a different degree of the natural processes. The proposed concept may not be proven yet. I do not have a good evidence for the most claims and must rely on intuition.
However, as Karl Popper suggested a good theory is the one that has greater explanatory power. The Hypothesis logically resolves many puzzling problems with current state evolution theory. Some of them are listed below (I will address these issues at length in the oncoming publication):
1. Speciation, as a result of GM purposeful design.
2. Evolution development vector, as a need for better global intelligence.
3. Punctuated equilibrium, happening when two above conditions a) and b) are met.
4. Cambrian explosion, as a most pronounced case of punctuated equilibrium .
5. Mass extinctions, happening when more intelligent species should replace outdated creatures.
6. Why lab mutation long-term experiments do not result in new speciation? In these experiments “the critical mass” was not reached.
7. Why creatures fall asleep? GM has to communicated with individual living organisms in order to collect data and correct mutational errors.
8. Why is no paradise on the Earth? GM needs alert living organisms. It forces them to be active and creative.

Richard L Amoroso #quack #magick #fundie vixra.org

Preprint: Submitted to The Ensign (An official magazine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints),

LOVE ONE ANOTHER – A Spiritual Corona Virus Vaccine

[contact info]

Abstract. It is suggested that the Great Commandment – love one another, in conjunction with prayer or meditation, can be employed to act as a protection against viral infection by providing a spiritual energetic shield (domain wall) against viral attachment and transmission. Viral transmission is known to occur by processes related to adhesion to a variety of cellular receptors. Through sufficient love or deep meditation, a corona of the spirit (Chi, Ki, Prana) is maintained creating a noetic force that blocks viral adhesion to various receptors.

Jonathan W. Tooker #crackpot #fundie vixra.org

The Time Travel Interpretation of the Bible

We describe the Biblical work of ages as a time travel program for saving humanity from extinction. God's existence is proven as a consequence of the existence of time travel, which is supposed. We present the case that Abraham's grandson Jacob, also called Israel, is Satan. We make the case that the Israelites are described as God's chosen people in the Bible despite their identity as the children of Satan because God's Messiah is descended from Abraham through Satan. They are chosen as the ancestors of the Messiah rather than as Satan's children. We propose an interpretation in which God commanded Abraham to kill his son Isaac to prevent Isaac from becoming the father of Satan. We suggest that God stayed Abraham's hand above Isaac because preventing the existence of Satan would also prevent the existence of Satan's descendant the Messiah. The history of the Israelites is summarized through Jesus and Paul. This paper is written so that the number of believers in the world will increase.

Leon Elshout #fundie #crackpot vixra.org

Was Troy an archeological or theological issue?

Leon elshout, 19 march 2019, aurichalcum2018 (at) protonmail.com https://roodgoudvanparvaim.nl/, http://flipsnack.com/roodgoudvanparvaim/ & https://www.wattpad.com/user/roodgoud & https://roodgoudvanparvaim.wordpress.com/

Turkish Hisarlik?

According to the tradition Troy was situated near modern Turkish town Hisarlik. Due to a play of fate the Biblical town of Troas in Acts 20 was close to Hisarlik.

But wait: the key actors in Homer’s Troy Epic were no human beings at all. Paris was a son of King Priamus (Paris (mythologie), z.d.) who was on his turn a son of Laomedon who was married to Strymo. She was the daughter of some river god (Laomedon, z.d., kopje Legende). Have you ever met someone who was a son or daughter of a river God? Well I did not. While Odysseus was probably derived from Babylonian Gilgamesh. Both would marry Calypso or Ishtar. Their marriage was a marriage with the death (Abusch in Louden, 2011, p. 132).

If the key actors in the Troy Epic were non human beings, then who or what were they? Psalm 96:5 says they were demonic entities. In the Greek myth they took human masks. Circe or Helen of Troy were no charming women. They were demonic entities, pretending to be humans. But they were not. So had there been a Trojan War at all in a remote past? The Bible keeps silent on this. At best there had been a local war that was upgraded to a mythical Trojan War. So what is Troy?

Troy is in essence a palace surrounded by walls and built upon a hill. It is a kind of an archetypal image that we see here. This reminds me of the palace of Baal Tsaphon on the Mount Cassius – the Jebel Aqra – in Norther Syria. According to the Caananite Baal and Anat Myth it was the Canaanite God Baal Tzafon who wanted to build him a house on a mountain. Baal Tsaphon is a well know pop star in the Bible. In Exodus 14:1-2 he is the sphinx. He was a clone of Babylonian God Marduk. In Greece he becamse Zeus. Anat was Athena of Atlantis. In the Bible she was Astarte, the goddess of the Sidonians (1 Kings 11:5). The Gods of the Olympus were cloned from the Canaanite Gods. Heracles was a clone of Melqart who was the God of Tyrus. Poseidon was cloned from Dagon. He was the God of the Philistines of Crete. But he found a new life among the Canaanite Gods and became even the father of Baal.

Mount Tsaphon, Mount Cassius

As the Greek Gods were clones of the Canaanite Gods, I believe that all mythical mountains like the Olympus, the hill in Troy or Asgard were clones of the Mount Tsaphon in northern Syria. It was not for nothing that the ministry of the apostle Paul started here. The city of Antioch (Antakya) on the banks of the river Orontes became his headquarters. The story does not end here. Because the Canaanite Gods were clones of the Babylonian Gods. Canaanite god Baal was the same as Babylonian Bel in Isaiah 46:1 (Bultema, 1981, p. 453). Marduk was the same as the Roman God Jupiter (Bultema, 1981, p. 356). Jupiter was on his turn a clone of the Greek god Zeus. In Jeremiah 51:25 Babylon is metaphorically called a mountain.


But more: Dr. Lucas Rösli wrote that Troy and Asgard were somehow mirrored (Rösli, z.d., paragraph mirroring spaces). I believe that Troy was not only a Greek version of Babylon but morely of Endtimes Babylon. In Zacharia 5:11 we read about the rebuilding of Babylon. In Revelation 17-18 we read about the rise and downfall of Endtimes Babylon. How did Homer know? Whoever Homer was; he could have heart some prophecies in Jeremiah 50-51 regarding Endtimes Babylon. Also the python spirit in Acts 16:16 could have triggered Plato and Homer to write their Troy Epic or Atlantis story. This python spirit mirrored all Biblical symbols in an opposite way. While Babylon was located eastern of Jerusalem, the python spirit created a contra creation story that originated on a mysterious island on the western horizon. Thematically, Troy and Atlantis were the same islands. Both were mirrored from Babylon and the Mount Tsaphon. This python was carved as a cobra snake on the forehead of the sphinx (Geru, 2003, verb 34; Matheny, 2011, p. 142).


One more thing. The blueprint for Babylon was the pre-Flood city of Enoch that was built by Cain in Genesis 4. But there was another archetypical blueprint for Babylon, Troy and Atlantis. I believe this is Jerusalem. The City of David was surrounded by walls and stood on the Mount Sion (Psalm 2:6; 48:2, 13). David’s song Salomo added a palace and a temple to the city. In the Endtimes we will see at least the temple being rebuilt (https://www.templeinstitute.org/). Jesus was born later than Adam. But in Genesis 1:27 we read that Adam and Eve were created in His image. In the same way could a future city of Endtimes Jerusalem have been a blueprint for Homer’s Troy. Homer could have used many historical events in his Troy Epic like the downfall of Jericho. But also the city of David and the temple of King Salomo could have been a blueprint for Troy. Again should we not exclude the possibility that the python spirit in Acts 16:16 mixed End times Jerusalem with End times Babylon and the City of David to make a Troy epic out of it.


Laomedon. (z.d.). In Wikipedia. Geraadpleegd op 10 september 2018, van https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laomedon

Louden, B. (2011). Homer's Odyssey and the Near East. Cambridge, Groot-Brittannië: Cambridge University Press.

Paris (mythologie). (z.d.). In Wikipedia. Geraadpleegd op 10 september 2018, van https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_(mythologie)

Rösli, L. (z.d.). From Troy to Scandinavia – Old Norse topographies. Geraadpleegd op 12 september 2018, van https://www.unibas.ch/en/Research/Uni-Nova/Uni-Nova-124/Uni- Nova-124-Old-Norse-topographies.html

Jeffrey J. Wolynski #crackpot vixra.org

Stellar Metamorphosis: A Remnant Planetary Core in the Hot Neptunian Desert, or a Normal Ocean World?

Abstract: Using stellar metamorphosis we can figure out what TOI-849b really is. Is it a remnant planetary core in the fictional hot Neptunian Desert, or a normal ocean world? It is up for the readers to decide. The main paper is archived here as proof: http://archive.is/FOb17 and the interpretation by the media is here: http://archive.is/hCX2l.

TOI 849b is told to have a mass of ~40.8 times that of Earth, a density of ~5.5 grams per centimeter cubed, and a radius of ~3.45 times that of Earth. The astronomers are saying it is the densest planet of its size discovered so far. In stellar metamorphosis, this just means it is a very thick water ocean world on a high transformation curve. In other words, it is a remnant stellar core, as are all “planets/exoplanets”. Below is a screen shot of the media’s take on the issue.
First things first. Stars evolve into what are called “planets”. This means stellar evolution is planet formation. Naked cores of gas giants are evolving planets. There is nothing strange about this world at all. Mercury is the naked core of a gas giant (intermediate aged star), so is Venus, Mars, and literally every single rocky planet in all galaxies. That is what a gas giant is, after a star cools down and loses most of its mass from its stellar (luminous) stages, it becomes a gas giant, which then layers material into its center forming the planet. Over time the atmosphere dissipates, exposing the newly formed planet. This is how all planets in the universe are formed, they are all formed by the process of stellar evolution (they are the same things), no surprise here! The astronomers are just looking at an intermediate staged star, the stage where the star is completely covered in a global, extremely thick, water ocean. In fact, the total amount of water/volatile material that will be removed on this world can be calculated and is even modeled by the very people who wrote the arxiv paper! The screen shot below matches up to this paper, where the maximum mass and density of a dead star is calculated found here:
Stars on upper level transformation curves tend to be much larger per their stage of evolution. Here is the paper that explains what transformation curves are: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/b78c/ab1e6367074a870f03c756431cdfbb0c2127.pdf or vixra:
It is really simple to understand. TOI-849b is just a large water ocean world. The hydrogen-bonds of the water are what have allowed it to maintain its extreme size. To determine the age of this mamma jamma I would like to see its total axial angular momentum and its D/H ratios.

Evgeny A. Novikov #crackpot vixra.org

Evgeny A. Novikov
University of California - San Diego, BioCircuits Institute, La Jolla, CA 92093 -0328; E-mail: enovikov@ucsd.edu

Based on the quantum modification of the general relativity (Qmoger), gravitational angels (grangels) are introduced as areas of the background graviton condensate surrounding the interfaces between gravitons and the ordinary matter. The quantum entanglement is interpreted as interaction between splitting grangels. Our subjective experiences (qualia) are described in terms of grangels surrounding neuron clusters. A hierarchy of grangels is considered, including cosmological grangels

[1] Evgeny A. Novikov, "Ultralight gravitons with tiny electric dipole moment are seeping from the vacuum", Modern Physics Letters A, v. 31, No. 15 (2016) 1650092 (5 pages).
[2] Evgeny A, Novikov, "Quantum modification of general relativity", Electron. J. Theoretical Physics, v. 13, No. 13 (2016) 79-90.
[3] Evgeny A. Novikov, "Gravicommunication, subjectivity and quantum entanglement", NeuroQuantology, December 2016, v. 14(4), 677-682.
[4] Evgeny A. Novikov, “Emergence of the laws of nature in the developing entangled universe”, American.Research J. of Physics, v.4(1), (2018), 1-9.

[And yes, this is the entire “paper”]

Jeffrey Joseph Wolynski #crackpot vixra.org

What Are Volcanoes and Why do They Exist?
Jeffrey J. Wolynski
November 2, 2019
Rockledge, FL 32955

Abstract: Geologists do not know what volcanoes are and why they exist on Earth. Now we can finally answer the basic questions with stellar metamorphosis. Volcanoes are composed of liquid rock escaping the surface, but why liquid rock? Why don't all the other rocky objects all have active volcanoes? Why are some worlds almost absent huge numbers of volcanoes? This paper addresses this.
Volcanoes are the areas in the Earth's crust where heat can escape from earlier stages of evolution. They are only apparent because Earth has a set of qualities that are unique to its specific stage of evolution.

1. It is old enough to have formed a solid surface crust internally from gas giant stages of evolution.

2. It is young enough to still have remaining heat escaping the surface.

3. It is evolved enough to have had the vast majority of its supremely thick atmosphere dissipated so we can see them.

4. The heat escapes as liquid rock, as that is the lower phase as opposed to superheated gas and plasma. Earth in younger stages was totally plasma like the Sun, and also had superheated gas internally like Jupiter and Neptune.

5. Some superheated gas also escapes volcanoes, and is why many of them are so explosive when they erupt. The gas was trapped there in the crust when the Earth was a gas giant. It is still escaping out from the crust even today, 4.5+ billion years into its evolution.

Volcanos are predicted via stellar metamorphosis to exist underneath the thick oceans of ocean worlds where there is a crust forming, all the way to late stage Earths, when the crust is just thin enough for heat to escape on the surface. Once the crust thickens up too much, there will be an increase in shield super-volcanos on the surface, similar to Olympus Mons on Mars. This will allow for the remaining heat to escape. Mars is between 20-30 billion years old.

When even greater scales of time are introduced things change, as Venus in the General Theory is about 450-700 billion years old. Venus is easily about 100+ times older than the Earth, and it shows. What is interesting to note is that the internal heat of Venus has escaped, which is evidenced by its lack of a strong magnetic field like the Earth. As well, its total diameter is about 400 miles smaller than the Earth. What this means to me, since heat has escaped, that Venus's actual diameter when it was hosting life like the Earth was probably a bit bigger. The entire crust has since then contracted from gravitational collapse and thermodynamic contraction, and no earthquakes can occur due to this fact. The crust has thickened over its lifetime, to extreme depths far beyond the Earth and even Mars. I would guess Venus's crust is at least 1,000 miles thick. All of its volcanoes are extinct because of its extreme age, easily 100+ times older than the Earth. It is a fossilized star. It is not the extreme age of Mercury though, with that fossil star we have a completely different picture.
Mercury in the General Theory is 7-32.75 trillion years old. Most evidence of volcanism is gone on Mercury, this is because it is so incredibly old, that the surface has been irradiated away over trillions of years. An enormous quantity of rocks and minerals that compose the star have been broken back into the elemental components and escaped the fossil star. One trillion years of wandering outer space will do that. Multiple trillions of years in Mercury's case will cause it to even decrease in mass by significant amounts. Given the escape velocity is much lower than the Earth, rocks and minerals broken up by irradiation can easily escape, especially when they become charged.
The astronomers believe Venus, Mars, Mercury and the Earth are all about the same age, but long story short, their volcanic histories rat them out. They are not anywhere close in age, in fact, some are multiple magnitudes older than others. The astronomers' theories are FUBAR. The fact that Mercury, Mars, Venus and Earth are close to the Sun, all orbiting it gives the illusion that they are related. They are not related. It is clear by examining their volcanic histories. Earth is the youngest of the bunch.

Earth: ~4.5 billion (This might change)
Mars: 20-30 billion (4.4-6.7 EA, EA means Earth Age)
Venus: 450-700 billion (100-155 EA)
Mercury: 7-32.75 trillion (1,555- 7,280 EA)
imageAs you will notice, Earths are not dead yet. They have left over heat from earlier stages of stellar evolution. Also what is important to notice is that young Earths shine, as they are the stars themselves. So when you read geology books and they say Earth is hot because of radioactive decay or whatever, you will know better. Earth is not still hot from radioactive decay, it is still hot because it is in earlier stages of evolution as compared to Venus, Mars and Mercury. We live in a polymetamorphic system, as noted in this paper: http://vixra.org/pdf/1902.0059v1.pdf

Poly meaning many, meta meaning after and morphic meaning change. We live in a many-after-change system. Volcanoes and their appearances and activity (or lack of) are direct evidence of the fact that we are dealing with stars vastly different in age. As well it should be apparent that the youngest stars do not even have volcanoes, they are far too young and energetic.

Richard L Amoroso #crackpot vixra.org

Towards a Physics of Mind: Theoretical and Empirical Pathways to Enlightenment Across the Multi-Dimensional Barrier

Recent experimental discovery of Additional Dimensions (XD) beyond the 3D reality we observe means the Quantum Uncertainty Principle will no longer be a barrier to engineering Conscious Technologies. The 1st-person 3rd-person barrier (accessing other minds) will be systematically open to entanglement with conscious machines. Pragmatic Proof of Cartesian Duality (Mind not equal to Brain) will inspire seekers of enlightenment to follow a rigorous path to transcendent experience. Epistemology (Theory of knowledge) evolved from Myth & Superstition in the dark ages, to Logic & Reason framed by the Greeks, to the modern age of Empiricism begun by Galileo; and now completing the tools of epistemology, adding Transcendence - For those investing sufficient effort in following a well-formulated path.

Gerges Francis Tawdrous #crackpot vixra.org

Earth Moon moves with 2 Rates Of Time (I)

What does mean 2 rates of time? 1 Day On The Sun = 1 Year On Earth In this equation there are 2 rates of time How to create them? By relativistic effects –in the solar group I have claimed that there's a physical point moves by a velocity =0.9999 C – where c= light known velocity =0.3 mkm/sec Based on this light velocity length contraction with rate 71 can be created but if the moon orbital inclination 5.1 degrees effect on the result will be 71 x 5.1 = 365.25 days (also Length contraction effect may contract 71 mkm to be seen as 1 mkm) But if Time And Distance Equivalence (Proves) (my previous paper) That means 1 Day On The Sun = 1 Year On Earth Example 10921 km (Moon Circumference) x 86400 seconds (Solar Day Period) = 940 mkm (Earth orbital circumference) (Moon = Earth Moon) What does this equation tell us? The equation tells that If Earth revolves around the sun one complete revolution in one solar day only – so the moon circumference will equal a distance passed by Earth Motion during 1 second period. So this equation refers to the possibility of existence more than one rate of time in the solar system – where T1= 1day and T2 = 365.265 days

Adrian Ferent #crackpot #fundie vixra.org

“I am the first who explained Religion with Science, Mathematics and Physics in mankind history. Religion and Quantum Evolution” Adrian Ferent “Evolution: each time we are born, we are born with higher Consciousness, because Consciousness is a function of time” Adrian Ferent “Evolution: in time the Consciousness has a higher number of Qubits” Adrian Ferent “Evolution: in time the Consciousness has a higher number of Quantum Consciousness states” Adrian Ferent “We need 5000 years to Evolve, 70 years or one life is not enough” Adrian Ferent “If we are born with the same Consciousness, after a time t1 we will have the same Consciousness, which is not true, this means we are born with different Consciousness, this means it is Evolution” Adrian Ferent “In the Consciousness function, N is the number of Quantum Consciousness states” Adrian Ferent “In the Consciousness function, N is the number of Qubits. The Consciousness operates on its Qubits” Adrian Ferent “When you die, the highest probability is that you will not go to hell or heaven” Adrian Ferent “I am the first who discovered Ferent Quantum Evolution theory (FQE) based on Consciousness Evolution; I am the first who discovered the Soul equation; I am the first who discovered that Matter was first, not God I am the first who discovered the Spiritual Universe in Ferent Quantum Gravity theory” Adrian Ferent “For me Religion is Science, for the rest of the scientists Religion is Occultism” Adrian Ferent “The Future of Science: the Ignorant scientists must be replaced by new Wise Scientists” Adrian Ferent I am the first who discovered a Quantum Evolution theory (FQE) based on Quantum Consciousness evolution, a Quantum Gravity theory (Ferent Quantum Gravity - FQG), I explained the Electron and the Electron charge… “I am the first who explained Religion with Science, Mathematics and Physics in mankind history” Adrian Ferent All Religion says we are born with the same consciousness, but after a while some people are bad, some people are good and they go to Heaven in on life! If the children die they will go to Heaven, because of their consciousness. What is the truth? The Consciousness function: t – the time between 0 and T N0 – the initial number of quantum consciousness states N – the final number of quantum consciousness states T – the value of the human soul cycle (5000 years), for Christians, Muslims, Atheists (70 years) “Evolution: in time the Consciousness has a higher number of Quantum Consciousness states” Adrian Ferent Another way to look at this function: “In the Consciousness function, N is the number of Qubits. The Consciousness operates on its Qubits” Adrian Ferent The Christians, the Muslims, the Atheists … who say we have one life are wrong because if N0 = 0, T =70 years, for example after 30 years people will have the same consciousness, which is not true. My theory is a proof for reincarnation, Evolution! About Consciousness function: “At each time t, each of us is at a different level of consciousness” Adrian Ferent “Evolution: in time the Consciousness has a higher number of Qubits” Adrian Ferent Consciousness is a function of time! “If we are born with the same Consciousness after a time t1, we will have the same Consciousness, which is not true, this means we are born with different Consciousness, this means it is Evolution” Adrian Ferent Religion without Evolution is Communism, this means we are born with the same Consciousness; but we do not have the same Consciousness. “We need 5000 years to Evolve, 70 years or one life is not enough” Adrian Ferent Jesus answered him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” “Evolution means after couple lives all of us will attain the same Consciousness, this means it is Reincarnation” Adrian Ferent “Evolution: each time we are born, we are born with higher Consciousness, because Consciousness is a function of time” Adrian Ferent “When you die, the highest probability is that you will not go to hell or heaven” Adrian Ferent “I am the first who discovered Ferent Quantum Evolution theory (FQE) based on Consciousness Evolution; I am the first who discovered the Soul equation; I am the first who discovered that Matter was first, not God I am the first who discovered the Spiritual Universe in Ferent Quantum Gravity theory” Adrian Ferent “What you learned from your professors, from your books, from the greatest scientists, from clerics… about Dark Matter, Matter and God is wrong” Adrian Ferent “For me Religion is Science, for the rest of the scientists Religion is Occultism” Adrian Ferent “The Future of Science: the Ignorant scientists must be replaced by new Wise Scientists” Adrian Ferent 1. I am the first who explained Religion with Science, Mathematics and Physics in mankind history 2. I am the first who discovered what Evolution is: each time we are born, we are born with higher Consciousness, because Consciousness is a function of time 3. I am the first who discovered what Evolution is: in time the Consciousness has a higher number of Quantum Consciousness states 4. I am the first who discovered what Evolution is: in time the Consciousness has a higher number of Qubits 5. I am the first who discovered that the Consciousness operates on its Qubits 6. I am the first who discovered that if we are born with the same Consciousness after a time t1, we will have the same Consciousness, which is not true, this means we are born with different Consciousness, this means it is Evolution 7. I am the first who discovered that when you die, the highest probability is that you will not go to hell or heaven 8. I am the first who discovered that we need 5000 years to Evolve, 70 years or one life is not enough 9. I am the first who discovered Ferent Quantum Evolution theory (FQE) based on Consciousness Evolution; I am the first who discovered the Soul equation; I am the first who discovered that Matter was first, not God. I am the first who discovered the Spiritual Universe in Ferent Quantum Gravity theory 10. I am the first who discovered that what you learned from your professors, from your books, from the greatest scientists, from clerics… about Dark Matter, Matter and God is wrong 11. I am the first who explained that for me Religion is Science, for the rest of the scientists Religion is Occultism 12. I am the first who discovered the Future of Science: the Ignorant scientists must be replaced by new Wise Scientists

Jeffrey J. Wolynski #crackpot vixra.org

The Principle of Diminishing Solar Abundances or the Solar Abundance Principle of Stellar Evolution

Jeffrey J. Wolynski
[Address removed]

Abstract: A simple principle of stellar evolution/planet formation is presented in light of the general theory of stellar metamorphosis.

According to stellar metamorphosis stars cool and die to become rocky differentiated worlds many billions of years into their evolution, and they are called exoplanets/planets. This means the abundances of lighter elements diminishes considerably as the star evolves, leaving the heavy elements and the elements which have combined into stable heavier molecules behind. This principle can be applied to all stars, even the evolved ones mislabeled “exoplanet/planet”. The oldest stars will have very little helium and the majority of the hydrogen will have combined into stable molecules or evaporated into interstellar space. This can also be used to determine how old a star is. The more hydrogen/helium the star has, opposed to other heavier elements, the younger it is.

“As stars evolve into rocky differentiated worlds, the ratio of lighter elements to heavy elements diminishes considerably.”

Jeffrey J. Wolynski #ufo #conspiracy #crackpot vixra.org

(Emphasis original)

Extraterrestrials Have Been Visiting Earth

[contact info omitted]

Abstract: Since the U.S. Government and all branches of the U.S. Government refuse to directly state we are being visited by extraterrestrials in physical, metallic craft, I will do it. We are being visited by people from other star systems in physical, metallic craft. This paper is dedicated to the late Stanton T. Friedman.

Stanton T. Friedman was 100% correct.

Some UFOs are flying saucers that do not have origins on Earth. Their origins are from other star systems which have civilizations more technologically advanced than our own. Their reasons for visiting Earth and watching us are various, but I think it is quite straight forward. They are presenting themselves, as if to say, hi! You are not alone!
Hollywood has seriously ruined our perception of other worldly intentions. These beings are clearly more advanced than us socially, evolutionarily and technologically, so they will not be interested in war or fighting over resources like we are. Our main preoccupation per Stanton, and our own history is tribal warfare, and the civilizations that are visiting know this. They have watched us drop nuclear warheads on ourselves, murder ourselves in the millions, and even watch our youtube channels and TV shows. They monitor our radio waves, our satellite communications, and even have shut down nuclear silos and allowed jets to chase them to test out our defense capabilities. As well, military officials have recovered bodies of some of these beings, and subsequently lied their faces off to cover it up, back in 1947 at the Roswell Crash. In short, they know literally everything about us, but the public knows very little about them. The U.S. Government knows more, as they have recovered bodies and flying saucer material. Maybe a 28th Amendment to the Constitution is in order to protect our civil rights against the U.S. Government in their denial of visitation of extraterrestrial beings from other star systems. After all, they are funded by us, the taxpayers.

I, as a discoverer of the process of planet formation (planets are evolving/dead stars), without any doubt in my mind, support the conclusion of Stanton T. Friedman in that some UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft. The study of extraterrestrial spacecraft needs to be taken up by universities around the world, because it is of major scientific and societal importance that we understand these new, exotic individuals who are visiting us and their craft. It is humbling to say the least, as the people visiting us already know of major scientific truths that we don’t even know exist yet. It is time we acknowledge whole heartedly that we are not the biggest fish in the ocean, not even close.

Leon Elshout #fundie #crackpot vixra.org

Aladdin’s city Agrabah as Endtimes Babylon & Jerusalem aka Atlantis
by leon elshout, almelo, NL, 11 october, 2019 – roodgoudvanparvaim.nl – aurichalcum2018 (at)protonmail.com

Aladdin’s wonderlamp matches with the lamp in Revelation 18:23. These are the lamps of rebuilt Babylon (Zacharia 5:11). Aladdin’s city Agrabah was a desert city. Like both Babylon and Jerusalem are desert cities, while Babylon is at the same time a seaport (Revelation 17). Agrabah was ‘a city of mystery, and enchantment’ (Agrabah, z.d.). As Endtimes Babylon is a mystery (Revelation 17:5) and a city of enchantment (Revelation 18:23). Agrabah was a city with a ‘palace and a marketplace’ (Agrabah, z.d.). As Endtimes Babylon will be a Kidinnu – marketplace (Leeman in D.J. Wiseman, 2004, p. 108). Agrabah was located on the Jordan river (Agrabah, z.d.). This means that there is a duality in the game. Agrabah is both Jerusalem and End Times Babylon. The name Aladdin could be a merging of Allah and Dzjinn. A djinn is in islamic culture a demonic spirt. While the word djinn also refers to the word ‘teen’ or ‘mud’ (Matheny, 2011, p. 240). Now we have a reference to the mud of Atlantis (Timaios 25) and to the mud of the Exodus story (Exodus 14:25). As to the mud out of which Adam was formed (Genesis 2:7).

• Agrabah. (z.d.). in Disney.fandom.wiki. Geraadpleegd op 11 oktober 2019, van https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Agrabah
• Matheny, G. M. (2011). Exodus, The Route, Sea Crossing, God's Mountain. USA: Xulon.

Leon Elshout #fundie #crackpot vixra.org

The mountains of Atlantis
by leon elshout, 17 may 2020, roodgoudvanparvaim.nl – www.flipsnack.com/roodgoudvanparvaimmail, aurichalcum2018 @ protonmail.com

In Critias 118 we read that Atlantis existed of a central plateau that was surrounded by hills or mountains. If we mirror Atlantis to Endtimes Babylon in Zacharia 5:11 or Revelation 17-18 we see many similarities. But the mountains are in Babylon abscent. However in Jeremiah 51:25 Endtimes Babylon was called a mountain.

Then in Revelation 13:1 we read that Endtimes Babylon sits on seven heads. These seven heads are hills or mountains. But which mountains? Of course Jerusalem is built on seven hills: Mount Zion, Mount Olivet, New Mount Zion, Mount Scopus, Mount of Corruption, Mount Ophel, Central Hill of Fort Antonia (1). This could mean that the administration of Endtimes Babylon will be in Endtimes Jerusalem. As Zacharia 5:11 states, Endtimes Babylon is partly or mainly a Jewish project.

We know also that the Third Jewish Temple will be built in Jerusalem, outside the Haram Shariff where the Dome of the Rock sits. In Revelation 11:1-2 we read clearly about two distinct parts: the Haram Shariff in verse 2 and the location of the temple outside the walls of the Haram Shariff in verse 1. This means that Jerusalem is the spiritual center while Babylon will be the economic financial center. The moment when the antichrist brings his statue inside the temple (Matthew 24:15) corresponds with the temple of Poseidon on Atlantis. Atlantis is now activated and exists as a dualist system on two locations, in Jerusalem and Al-Hillah/Babylon.

We can only undertstand the mountains on Atlantis in Critias 118 if we mix the hills of Jerusalem with Babylon who will be the Queen of all the World Seas, connected via the Euphrates.

1. https://www.biblestudy.org/maps/map-of-jerusalem-and-its-seven-hills.html

Anatolij Ivanovich Andreus #crackpot vixra.org

Universe or Metagalaxy

In Bing
The meta-galaxy is mixed up with the universe, and the universe is mixed up with MetaGalactica.

The meta-galaxy is mixed up with the universe, and the universe is mixed up with MetaGalactica. Let's lay these two concepts in development, in the representation of the contemplation of the sky above our heads and within us the law on the development of the permanent, world of the cognizable, proceed from the postulate about the universe - the universe is eternal, infinite, homogeneous, isotropic.

In Google
The metagalaxy is confused with the Universe, and the Universe is confused with the MetaGalaxy.


1. Introduction.

The metagalaxy is confused with the Universe, and the Universe is confused with the MetaGalaxy. Let us sort through these two concepts in development, in the view of the contemplation of the sky above our heads and within us of the law on the development of the constant, the world of the knowable, we proceed from the postulate of the Universe - the Universe is eternal, infinite, homogeneous, isotropic. [1]

2. Universe or Metagalaxy.

How do we humans represent the universe? We see it as a sphere with a radius of 13, xx billion light-years with the center where we are. Based on the invariance of the laws of nature that we know, we can mentally imagine spheres of the same radius with centers in the region at the margins of our sphere. This will result in a new sphere, but already with a radius of 2 x 13, xx billion light-years from the center where we are. Using the induction method, we come to a sphere of infinite radius with the center where we are. Based on the invariance of the laws of nature that we know, we conclude that this is true for any point in the volume enclosed in a sphere, a sphere of infinite radius — the center of a sphere of infinite radius. The postulate of the universe is confirmed.[5]

3. Metagalaxy.

Our galaxy and other galaxies nearby, spaced tens, hundreds, thousands of times farther apart from their size, form the so-called our group of galaxies - a cluster of galaxies. According to this view, we can
see a cluster of clusters of galaxies, a cluster of clusters of clusters of galaxies, ..., a cluster of clusters ... clusters of clusters of galaxies.
This idea is spread, as the modern mainstream believes, to sizes of 13, XX billion years, that is, this is the largest cluster of clusters we know ... clusters of galaxies, let's call it cluster N. So we define our group of clusters N as cluster of clusters N, moreover, according to the same layout as for galaxies, clusters of N spaced at distances from each other tens, hundreds, thousands of times farther from each other in comparison with their sizes.
Thus, the light coming from the edge of cluster N is not accompanied by light from another nearby cluster N, we will call it cluster N1, and so on about any clusters of nearby NM. As soon as it is accompanied by light from another nearby NM cluster, which will last commensurate with the cluster size NM, and then will not be accompanied by light tens, hundreds, thousands of times longer than the cluster size NM in light years. That is, only creatures living dozens, hundreds, thousands of times longer than the size of the NM cluster in light years could only confirm this scenario.
And we can only proceed from the postulate of eternity, infinity, isotropy, homogeneity of the Universe for further understanding of our worldview and contemplation of the Universe, followed by the application in our life of the ABC of the meaning of life in order to become close to those creatures, which, in turn, have their own creatures, as we have previous-first, also able to contemplate such and other fantastic scenarios.

4. Findings.

And now is the time when the light from any cluster of NM has already flown past us and will not soon begin to fly past us again ... [2] [3] [4] [6]

5. Literature.
1. A. I. Andreus - https://vixra.org/author/a_i_andreus
2. http://forum.lebedev.ru/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=7129&start=135#p143666
3. https://www.andreuslab.com/index.files/index.files/index23.htm#top0100
4. https://www.andreuslab.com/glavnaya.files/glavnaya.files/glavnaya23.htm#top0100
5. http://forum.lebedev.ru/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=7129#p132764
6. Анатолий Андреус. Мысли и воспоминания.
Thoughts and memories. Pensées et souvenirs. Gedanken und Erinnerungen.
RIDERO 2020 160 стр. ISBN: 978-5-4498-1692-4

Jeffrey J. Wolynski #crackpot #conspiracy vixra.org

Functional Groups in Stellar Metamorphosis

[contact info omitted]

Abstract: According to the biostellar evolution principle, as a star evolves life forms and evolves on it. This means all major organic chemical processes occur inside and on the star as it evolves, thus the vast majority of organic functional groups in the universe are formed inside stars as they evolve. Stars directly form life and all organic compounds, molecules and material as they evolve as is predicted by the general theory of stellar metamorphosis.

Per Wikipedia:

In organic chemistry, functional groups are specific substituents or moieties within molecules that are responsible for the characteristic chemical reactions of those molecules. The same functional group will undergo the same or similar chemical reaction(s) regardless of the size of the molecule it is a part of. This allows for systematic prediction of chemical reactions and behavior of chemical compounds and design of chemical syntheses. Furthermore, the reactivity of a functional group can be modified by other functional groups nearby.
Organic chemistry is the study of the compounds of carbon. These compounds of carbon include halogens, sulfur, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and phosphorus. All of these functional groups form in extremely large quantities in the atmospheres of evolving stars, per the general theory. They form in Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus but in different quantities per the star’s stage of metamorphosis, as well as react differently when introduced to different compounds which form as the star evolves. The essence of organic chemistry belongs inside of cooling stars (mislabeled things like planet, or brown dwarf by the dogma). As well, per the astrochemical principle of planet formation/stellar evolution according to stellar metamorphosis, it is stated that the majority of thermochemical, electrochemical and photochemical reactions take place in stars as they evolve into planets (old stars), not in the interstellar medium. https://vixra.org/pdf/1602.0309v2.pdf Not only that, but the precursor functional groups via sheer magnitude of material being mixed is what allows for the complexity principle of microbiology to hold ground. The microbiology of a star increases in complexity as it evolves. https://vixra.org/pdf/1608.0073v1.pdf
So what we have here are a series of basic principles put together in a way that breaks the mentality of astronomers in their assumptions that stars are not the source of basically all organic molecules and organic chemistry.
For readers who want to understand what is happening, astronomy is changing extremely rapidly, and working astrophysicists and astronomers are caught between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, they know of this major scientific discovery, in that it explains what happens as a star evolves into a life hosting star called, “planet”, but on the other none of them can speak of this issue for fear of retribution and blacklisting/career damage done when bringing it up. Remember, astronomers have to accept that stars are fusion reactors that are billions of years old, or else they get fired from their jobs. As well, planets have to form in disks around young planets (stars) or else they get fired. They cannot go against their peers and the people who sign their paychecks, but you can. You can tell people of this discovery, that stars are young planets.

John Frederick Sweeney #conspiracy vixra.org

[This comes from a work titled The Egyptian Book of the Dead, Nuclear Physics and the Substratum]


The Egyptian Book of the Dead, a collection of coffin texts, has long been thought by Egyptologists to describe the journey of the soul in the afterlife, or the Am Duat. In fact, the so – called Book of the Dead describes the invisible Substratum, the “black hole” form of matter to which all matter returns, and from which all matter arises. The hieroglyphics of the Papyrus of Ani, for example, do not describe the journey of the soul, but the creation of the atom. This paper gives evidence for the very Ancient Egyptians as having knowledge of a higher mathematics than our own civilization, including the Exceptional Lie Algebras E6 and G2, the Octonions and Sedenions, as well as the Substratum and the nuclear processes that occur there. The Osiris myth represents a general re – telling of the nuclear processes which occur within the Substratum, the invisible “black hole” form of matter.