International Society of Indigenous Sovereigns #racist #crackpot #conspiracy

ISIS Constitution
The ISIS Constitution and all Aboriginal Laws in pursuance thereof are the Supreme Law of the

**All Ministers must Memorize the ISIS Preamble**. It States,
We the people of the International Society of Indigenous Sovereigns, asserting our Natural
Aboriginal Rights as the oldest recorded Aboriginal Indigenous peoples of the Earth in every
part, consisting of an International Association of Sovereign Groups, Religions, and Ways of
Life of Nationals and peoples in accord with Divine Law [ The Law of Our Ancestors] do
hereby recognize all Nationals of ISIS as a Unified Community, establish our Divine Right to
self-rule, a common defense of our International Community, a complete unified will for
progress and prosperity by and for Our People, establishing justice by way of natural law and
equality, and complete autonomy throughout the Earth.
The Constitution presents the General Functions of the 5 Ministerial Councils and the basis of
the functioning of any and all Departments. It also lists any amendments made by the Governing
The Constitution outlines the General Moral Code for the Nation. The 42 Laws of Maat, the Pert
um Heru, and the Qara Qur’aan of the Aboriginal Muurs are a prescription for the maintenance
of peace. Also we understand that our Ancient Ancestors preserved many of our Laws in the
texts of Ancient Scriptures and will abide by those laws as they are translated and reinterpreted
by the ISIS Research Institute’s Supreme Council.



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