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UPDATE: DISQUS Channel System Removal, Safety Tips & Helpful Information

Peace to you.

Previously, I shared with you all that DISQUS is sunsetting the Channel System. I look forward to the sunsetting of channels and welcome the end of this season. I ran my race here. I finished my course. I shared Jesus Christ and truth as often as I could with everyone I could...even through intense cyberstalking, death threats, death wishes, rape fantasies, etc. I am not responsible for anyone who rejected Him (their blood is on their own heads).

I started a blog for us. I will be tagging those I trust to our new blog (with instructions). I took some suggestions from Mick (genius ideas btw) and scrubbed my Lady Checkmate account and I am no longer using that username.

(stuff deleted she has posted before)

My first tags will be to those with Private User Accounts and those who have given me their email address to be added as Trusted Users. Our serial-killer-like cyberstalker is holding his breath, anxiously stalking and hoping I post the link to our new community here, so I won't :). In fact, our community is Private, so he won't have access to it...even when he tries to follow stalk one of you with Open User Accounts to it-he's a crazed cyber-stalker that way, so don't be surprised if he's already followed one of you guys waiting for you to post there. Be safe.

Mick Williams:
I use a disposable email in case it gets hacked. It helps to stay connected in case we all want to share some new insight in the march of end times prophecy. Maybe not every day, but as the spirit wills. Another thought occurs--blogs don't have to deal with thousands of fake accounts. Once a troublemaker is locked out, he's done, unless he has enough friends to let him use their computers. In the case of solitary, lonely trolls, that isn't likely.



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