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Religious right organizations have been fighting for father's rights. They have been fighting against the no-fault divorce laws that make it easy for women to walk out on husbands and stick them with ludicrous child support payments. They build family counseling centers and educate counselors who try to help those struggling to hold families together, many times, simply attending a church or even a bible study can help encourage "uncooperative" spouses. Values organizations are striving against the "hook-up" culture so prevalent in the American single's scene, college and high-school campi to prevent people un-ready for parenthood and marriage from getting into bed with eachother. They are fighting tooth and nail against the Planned Parenthood "safe sex" blather that encourages getting girls pregnant (and then turns a profit offering those women "family planning services" to end or take advantage -read: welfare and child support- of those surprise pregnancies).

And don't discount finding Jesus. You'll never imagine how much finding God's grace can bring healing and fix problems until you let it go to work in you. Yes, "the woman who got pregnant" screwed you in a multitude of ways, but letting Jesus deal with all the bitterness you're still carrying around will improve your life dramatically.



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