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Sympathy for incels

I am a gay man, but most the people I hangout with are straight guys. I’m really tired of listening to guys complain how they can’t get a girlfriend, but I also get where they’re coming from.

If you’re programmed to think about something all the time, constantly told it’s the best feeling in life, constantly presented with media where someone’s story ends with getting it, and constantly told you’re a pathetic loser if you can’t get it you’re justified in asking”what do I have to do to get it?”

I had this idea for a political cartoon that might change someone’s mind on sympathy for incels.

There’s a future society with mostly desert and little water. A pill is developed that protects someone from the effects of dehydration, but it only works for women. So all the men in this society are constantly carrying around big jugs of water while the women are told they don’t need it. The women’s brains still tell them they should drink water, and they feel some effects of thirst but nothing causing serious pain.

This society would have a bunch of movies that end with female protagonists getting a guy to share his water with her, but also a man power movement where men are told they should keep their water.

The main story would have a female protagonist who is constantly made fun of for not finding a guy to share his water. There would be a moment where her friends are shocked to find out she never got any water. She’d have one friend tell her she’d get it eventually, than over hear that friend later saying she never would.

Then there’d be a montage of her talking to different guys. Some would let her down gently. Some would tell her she’s to ugly, a loser and a few other flaws. Some would just go off on her for only wanting their water.

I’m just saying men deserve more sympathy since they do have a harder time with relationships often for things they can’t control.



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