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A WEF presentation from 2015 explaining how to change the human genome using mRNA.
Yet the media laughed and shouted 'conspiracy theorist' at those who pointed this out!

@MarkCollett question is: “what gene did they target for editing in this “vaccine””?

@Aymeric_dAnselme @MarkCollett Seems to be an awful lot of clotting in the vaxxed.

@Aymeric_dAnselme @MarkCollett The transfected cells produce trillions of the toxic S1 spike protien for months. This results in massive tissue damage on the cellular level, trillions of destroyed capillaries, blood clots, enlarged/inflamed hearts, pulmonary edema, spongeform encephalitis, you’ll see the deaths piling up in the years to come, a 43 yr old just suddenly passed on my last job, vaxxed and boosted.

@Aymeric_dAnselme @MarkCollett any genes that resist Jewish bullshit

So negros CAN become White

@MarkCollett Direct genetic modification is the reason there was a Noah's flood.

@MarkCollett nanobots Mark, its all about the nanotechnology. Icke has been right all along.

@NickBowes @MarkCollett icke is an anti White jew loving pos

@MarkCollett yeah anyone tracking this knows you can do this, the real issue is who controls the changes available the WEF or the common man, the common man want's to get rid of arthritis the WEF want's to get rid of free will.


@AntiStar @MarkCollett GMO is very useful. We could use it to get rid of so many genetic diseases and basically become superhuman in some ways. The Commies are just using it because they wanna create genetically modified soldier kids who obey their every order and rule the world forever.

@MarkCollett I wonder if she has a job anymore. Obviously, she is a racist wanting to change black to white fur! </s>



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