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No, sir, you were born with a perfect immune system that only becomes questionable when nutrition and lifestyle compromises said immune system.

If we were in need of hypodermic needles we would've been born with said hypodermic needles.

Please go to the CDC's website and read the list of ingredients (they will make known), then make an educated decision as to whether vaccinations are worth your health.

Disease is earned, not acquired....

Louis Pasteur admitted on his death bed that his germ theory was all wrong, as he ultimately stated, "The microbe is nothing, the terrain (your body) is everything.

Even Hippocrates stated, "Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food".

The book of Genesis 1:29 (your owner's manual) Eat only the seed bearing fruit and herb, it is to be our meat.

An alkalized body is impervious to disease. It is a proven fact that vaccinations destroy the immune system. DO THE RESEARCH...

Man has your ability to profit him in mind, not your salvation...

Your polluted digestive tract is the basis of all disease, not some external microscopic animals attempting to enter your body...

"The bigger the Lie, the more they'll believe". -Adolph Hitler

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