you want extraterestrial beings to what
by: 10/10/06 11:53 am
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If this race of ours called human think that they can send anything into space for extraterestrial life to get informed about...try to remember that extraterestrial life knows everything that mankind has discovered or will for a matter of hypothesis.
Also should the mid heavens want anyhing to do with this race they certainly wouldnt use the same technology that you are using. Instead of looking for other worlds why not just have faith that GOD is and will always be watching all creation from alpha to omaga.
Aliens have and always will be just that until you look into the mirror and realise that you are an alien to this planet. Fallin from where you want to get back too. The only way is to be humble to the king of kings, and not Darwin and his monkey hypothesis. Never proven, but taught. What alien in thier right mind would want to know monkeys lol. Darwin is biology not prof of evolution. I cn think of a hundred places that money would benefit versus sending it into bolivia.



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