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[From "Why the French are not a valid “Contender” For European Hegemony compared to Prussia [Germany]"]

Make no mistake about the fact that the French indeed, are very hopeful about a return to their heydey of the Frankish Empire

This ambition today is no different than it was when the French took it upon themselves to seize every moment of time when the German Reich faced pressures or had fallen apart

French Ambitions can only be inferior to the German ones, because the French will surely only participate in the Truth or what otherwise are deemed as “Noble Ambitions” when they have monetary interests, stocks or other superficial interests invested into it, rather than an innate morality of their own

Part of what distinguishes Germany from all other Europeans by a colossal standard is that the German is willing to risk all bets and all consequences in favor of the truth, because we hold it so dearly to us
France employs Double-Agents who are actually Jews at the top of their leadership, vying for power and appeal on the level of supposedly making a “Strong France”, but surely even if a “Strong France” were to emerge, it would not be anything the likes of even their peak of the former Frankish Empire
The French can only perpetuate themselves in so far as that they can continue riding off historical falsehoods
France will one day or another have to cede Alsace-Lorraine, and any objection to it is an aberration and distraction based on the current course of political affairs
One must remember that the French are an Effeminate Race



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