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RE:No Birthright Citizenship: Pakistan Reportedly Deporting Afghan Refugees Born in Country

(Youthful Tucker Carlson)
Funny how all non-White nations are free to have immigration/nationalization laws that protect their ethnic makeup (including Israel), but White nations... demonized for even suggesting that demography does matter.

We should stop giving citizenship to babies born here in the US to foreign parents. Thousands of Chinese come here every year just to give birth. Its called birth tourism. Many people from other countries do the same thing its just the Chinese are the largest group that does this. This is not counting the ones that come here on work visas or illegally.

So when a sihthole enforces this rule it's ok, but when America wants to do it it's racism. Fascinating.

(Joe Smith)
hy should americans accept the s-hole migrants from s-hole countries?


no, we only starting accepting large numbers of s-hole migrants from s-hole countries after 1965, and now we are paying the price with nothing but constant race-baiting and cities and states in open revolt because they want to appease their new migrant majority. welcome to the multi-culti cesspool that is the new america.

(Deplorable Bob Hornswoggler)
Even Pakistan, that sh*thole country, knows better than the USA - when it comes to understanding that 'birthright citizenship' is horse or maybe goat pucky.

(Jenna María Domínguez)
Pakis don't let Communist Scum take over their country the way White Americans and Western Europeans have.

If you let the enemy run your nation and then act shocked when they destroy it.......

(Sexual Emergency)
People that can't make their own countries great are not worth having in ours. They are burdens looking for handouts off the backs of the workers, American workers, who can't afford to pop out seven babies like they do. I'm tired of paying for your babies. Stay home.

If only we could do the same for the Pakistanis here - maybe we should change our immigration to one of reciprocity,

(Viking son)
And tomorrow's headlines in Canadian media outlets will read, "Trudeau welcomes Afghan refugees".
Election is coming. Talk to your neighbours. Andrew Scheer folks.

the US does not have birthright citizenship
a sitting US senator specifically put in the clause 'under the jurisdiction of the US'
so if you are a freed slave, and thus under our jurisdiction, your child will be a US
IF you are a mexican/german/etc, and come here and have a baby, we now
have 2 mexicans/germans, and they need to then go back to their homeland.

(Muhammad Was A Pedophile)
Pakistan is very serious about it's quality of extreme inbreeding.



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