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CERN Is Opening Another Portal In 5 Days
Hey guys,

so. Im pretty stressed about this topic, and i think im about to record a short episode on it because of how much insane shit i have found in regards to it.. But i guess CERN is turning on their LHC again on july 5th using world record ammounts of energy... The last couple of times they have done this it has resulted in the mandala effects that we have all been experiencing. because when they collide these particles at such high speeds it splits and alters our current realities. They are trying to get to another world and they are live broadcasting it on youtube on the 5th. heres some shit i pulled from their website in regards to july 5.

"No time will be wasted to make the promises of a bright future for Higgs research a reality: the day after the celebrations, the LHC, which restarted on April 2022, will reach a new energy world-record of 13.6 trillion electronvolts (13.6 TeV) in stable-beam collisions, marking the start of data-taking for the new physics season, called Run 3. The event, which will be streamed live on multiple platforms, is the culmination of more than three years of work to push the performances of the collider and its four main detectors to their limit. The larger and higher-quality data samples collected by the LHC experiments will allow scientists to continue stress-testing the Standard Model of Particle Physics, further understand the properties of the Higgs boson and advance in cracking some of the outstanding mysteries of the universe. "

Last time they collided particles like this and made a portal it messed up all kinds of shit, jiffy turned to Jif, Sketchers To Skechers, LOONY TUNES to LOONY TOONS, Little shit but its there, and coming july 5th... world record ammounts of energy... Same day they want us all at home not buying gas or whatever... idk how this is gonna turn out guys.



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