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For a long time I tried to ignore the numerous errors and contradictions within the Bible, most especially the various gospel accounts of the life, death and supposed resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

A crisis point came in 1989 with the passing of my mother. Not only did I fail to receive any consolation from these so-called 'loving' Christians but for a long time I failed to feel at ease within the churches, having arguments and confrontations with other Christians over points of doctrine and belief etc. With the passing of my German mother I began to explore the history of the German people, starting with WWII and working back to pre-Christian times, the era of the Voelkerwanderungenzeit.

I also started to master the German tongue and over the years from 1994 to 2001 I gained 3 qualifications to Diploma level in this language and qualifications in Dutch and Swedish. Since then I have also gained a Diploma in Rune Divination amongst other subjects. I also studied over languages; Old English and Latin. In 1989 I heard for the first time the music of Richard Wagner`s Der Ring Des Nibelungen and developed a passion for this music, sensing a strange affinity which could not be articulated with words. It spoke to my German and Germanic soul. My love of Wagner`s music led to an interest in and a study of the Runes and Germanic mythology which eventually led to my abandonment of Christianity and my turning to the religion of my Anglo-Saxon and German ancestors: Wotanism/Wodenism.

I felt within me an inner struggle between Jesus Christ and Wotan/Woden and Wotan/Woden won that struggle. It was the beginning of my awakening. I could deny neither the Call of the Blood nor the Call of the Gods. It was simply not consistent for me to hold to a universalist religion and a Hebrew god and maintain the folkish Weltanschauung that I had discovered. The inner tension that existed within me for years finally disappeared and has never returned. One does not 'convert' to Wotanism/Wodenism/Odinism one returns to it. For this religion is a part of our very DNA. As long as the Germanic people continue to exist our Gods will survive. However if our Gods perish then so will we as a distinct people.

Out of the blue approximately 9-10 years ago I received a mail shot from Woden's Folk and something resonated deep within me. I duly responded and joined that organisation as a Supporter, then quickly progressing on to an apprenticeship, becoming a Fellow of the White Dragon Kindred after my initiation and taking of the Oath of Profession. This marked a major turning point in my life for the first time I began to apply my knowledge in a religious way, worshiping the Gods, not just reading about them. My religion defines now who and what I am and all being well will define my daughter as well.

Woden is calling and his Valkyries are choosing His elect. Will you hear the call?



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