Frank Phenix #fundie

the globalists house of cards is starting to crumble !
All leftists agendas , from men peeing in same bathrooms as little girls and having barely clad transvestites reading and teaching to 4 years old kids about being a girl in a man's body and all their perverted viewpoints , to our government being behind untold counts of using false flags to keep us in wars since forever , including the biggest one "9:11" , and all the murders they committed from before JFK to all the Clinton's bodies count , to Soros funding racial , political and moral divides through organizations from BLM to ....
And the on purpose agenda driven sterilization and poisoning of the world to dumb us down , cull us by the billions eventually .... And shadowing and deleting anyone on the internet that dares tell the truth .
It is written that all the lies would come to light and it is ! From satanic agendas and all its darkness .
forgot to mention the "lets use the CIA to bring in drugs and lets make for profit jails and lets keep anything that could help so criminal that from cancer cures to free energy is being kept from us .
I am neither shameful nor proud to be an American(legal Canadian immigrant) , we generally are not guilty for these crimes and if you are shame on you , but what I am is sad , just sad .
Let the world end if that is what it takes to fix it ...How that plays out has been written about also . It is a little late to think we can clean the pollution that is killing our oceans , air , land and rivers , huh , radioactivity is .... But we sure could try anyway , it is said that God helps those that try ....Hope , but please don't hold your breath , sorry .
I am not of this world though I love this world to an extent , where killing baby deer or a wolf killing a baby deer has never been a world I love , so yes I am not of this world .

I fully intend to be shadowed for this post , i'm not big enough to delete bit small enough to hide , is what they do now , so if you like this post please share it however you can , it will be relinquished to the dust bin of social media . Noticed that the popular posts don't say much compared to the big picture , so I did what I could .....
AND shame on you you zuck piece ....



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