John Kinal #conspiracy

FEHBP is the PUBLIC OPTION GIVEN FREELY TO CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENT, and what you SERIOUSLY need to research, to understand this Health Care business better, inside and out.. then, further support our rise to popular acclaim.. Support John Kinal for new Attorney General - if as when the job becomes available. Fair say all the way has you win too, most especially.

Bigots are idiots according to everyone of fair measure, being honorable as freedom minded. Muslims didn't do 9/11, Bush and Cheney, Condi and Ozolek did with top secret "Presidential Directive" plan titled, “Unified Vision” for starters. We should not be blaming "The Jews" either, but blaming the criminal suspects individually.. More difficult sure.. but that's the price for freedom from tyranny.

God wills justice as the freedom to be we free of tyranny, while others do not, denying us a fair redress in our forsaken names.? Till now.



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