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If inceldom was a result of oppressive 'patriarchy' you would think being patriarchal males a part of the same very oppressive power structure in their eyes would be able to fix or cure our ailment with a snap of our fingers. But no, that's not it at all.

What they don't want to admit to or touch basis on is that inceldom is a direct result of feminism and the political matriarchal social structure they've created over the last several decades, but they don't want to ever admit that because by doing so their entire ideal of equality or social egalitarianism becomes exposed for the fraudulent scam that it always has been.

Eventually they're not going to be able to ignore it for much longer as there are consequences just like anything else, eventually when 75% of men identify as incels, society collapses, and they have full blown insurrection on their hands maybe then they might think to themselves, "Oh, I guess we really did fuck up on all of that after all, there's no more denying it now."

But until then, they'll double down on their failed social ideologies and political status quo because they really don't want to admit that their social experiment of the last century has been one huge gigantic failure.

What's interesting about feminism is that it acts or behaves as if only women have been oppressed all throughout history, it completely ignores the many billions of lower rank males since the very historical beginning of civilization who have been far more oppressed or brutalized, the fact that it very blatantly ignores all of that is very quite telling of the whole entire con game of theirs they constantly play. That's really all one needs to know assessing them.



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