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At this point I considering moving to Pakistan, Chechnya or Nigeria

What I have read is that these places are secret based utopias for subhumans. Pakistan for example, everything I read about it is very based, honor killings, traditional values, intelligent people are praised instead of thugs, cheap standard of living. In Chechnya, they kill faggots and lesbians and in Nigeria, they uphold religious values. These places are utopias compared to the west. Inb4, "but muh tHIrD World SHItHolE". That's what cuckolds, simps and (((them))) always say. They don't want you to flee to countries that actually work, they want you to embrace the degeneracy of the (((first world))). Getting drone striked is 1000x better than feminism and degeneracy. Shithole = Not embraced feminism

Shitty internet: Good, no social media for foids Shitty water: Cleaner than the (((estrogen))) they put in yours Shitty restaurants: Again no trans fats Shitty breathable air: Just live in the country side Benefits: Cheap standard of living, great communities, great cultures and no feminism.

There's Feminism and all that other degenerate crap you hate in Pakistan. Nigeria is literary a shit hole where the sun doesn't go down. And Chechnya... even if you convert to islam, it won't work unless you're fully loaded, or a full blown chad. People in Central Asia and Eastern Europe are pretty xenophobic.

Name better countries, go on. Anyways, I can always larp as a Chechan as I am an Arab muslim. Even if those countries have a little degeneracy, there are no where near as bad as the west. Even if I don't escape Inceldom, at least I will live in non cucked country. I don't care about shitholes, I just want no feminism or sexaul capitalism.



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