SilverNova99 #sexist

Does it ever make you irrationally Angry when attractive women complain about getting male attention.

I was reading a post on r/twoxchromoaomes earlier that was all about how girls that are into cars, sports, and other bullshit are constantly hit on. This one girl in the thread was saying how offended she is when attending sporting events, guys will just ask her questions about herself and not take her ~~love of sports~~ seriously. They act like it’s some horrible crime for men to take interest in them. I feel like this is just humble bragging bullshit. They say how they just want to have intellectual conversations about their interests, but why do these woman even act like sports, cars, and gaming are some type of profound intellectual activity. Most the shit they like is just frivolous pass-time activities. These aren't serious hobbies. That’s why men don’t act like it is. They see a hot chick at a ball game and think she looks cool, maybe I’ll ask her out. It’s not that hard to figure it out. Also I think the reason men are so suspicious of attractive women involving themselves in male dominated interests is because a lot of attractive women take advantage of all the attention it brings them. Although I’m aware that there are plenty of women are genuinely interested in these hobbies, but only hot chicks exist to men, so they are the only ones that get noticed.

I’m an ugly femcel so men don’t give a fuck about my interests. They don’t want to talk to me about anything ever. I wonder how much these girls that complain so much would feel if that was what it was like for them.



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