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( @RealGSP )
“Mr president, please help. Grandma is in jail for J6, gay marriage is being codified, 10k Mexicans are crossing the border daily”

Trump: “Buy my trading cards. They’re going to be yuge”

( @Isha_1905 )

@Isha_1905 @RealGSP President Trump is fighting for the Jan. 6th Patriots. Democrats illegally jailed them

( @Kevin_Holden )
@RealGSP Moron. Have you forgotten already? Trump was the only President since Eisenhower to actually DO anything about the border. What are YOU doing, besides kicking a man when he's down?

( @Grants_Ghost )
@Kevin_Holden @RealGSP He helped that black unemployment go way down, bestest ally fren with israel, warp speed jabbed us. Gee, we should start a civil war for the guy! HIs grand kids will really help us MAGA!

( @Kevin_Holden )
@RealGSP Sure, bash the only President in modern history who has really tried to fix things. Bash him because he had an election stolen and is currently powerless. You are an anti-American ass.

( @Harleyxx )
@RealGSP Trump isn't in any position now to do anything about the issues you raised. Get him reelected and watch him attack these problems like no one else.

( @Grants_Ghost )
@Harleyxx @RealGSP unless it's moar shekels to israel, Dollard dgaf about any of our issues. Well there is that low black unemployment and warp speed vax tho,



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