Bacon Sarny-Geddon #transphobia #dunning-kruger

You realise that silencing anyone who doesn't share your 100% evidence-free, taken on faith beliefs (in sex-independent "genders") just makes you a religious authoritarian, utterly intolerant of non-believers, right?

How is it possible to protect the rights of same-SEX attracted homoSEXuals (note how that has NEVER been "same GENDER attracted homoGENDERuals"), when you prioritize an ideology that compels you to NOT acknowledge evidence-based, real-world bioloogical sex, in favour of the 100% evidence-free pixie-dust of self-declared "genders"?

You aren't JUST prioritizing your evidence-free ideology, above the protection of children... You are ALSO prioritizing the authoritarian enforcement of your faith-based religious beliefs, above the most basic rights of gays and lesbians, (evidence-based) women and girls,as well as anyone who values freedom FROM religion, and/or simple, evidence-based, objective truth.

Even the most hardline, fundamentalist Christians, Muslims or Scientologists aren't AS authoritarian and intolerant as you're being (by silencing non-believers, if they don't affirm your evidence-free beliefs as "truth", by submitting to use of compelled, wrong-sex pronouns. Enforcing a scenario where only those who share/PRETEND to share your inherently homophobic, misogynist religious beliefs, have the ability to speak/be heard)



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