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We live in a time of tremendous spiritual confusion, and one of the reasons for that is because for decades now, evangelicals have been busy adding lost people to the church who are told they can come as they are and stay as they are. Not only that, Laodiceans of many denominations are right now apologizing to the LGBTQ+ for preaching against homosexuality and transgenderism. How can these things be? Welcome to Laodicea.

Just last week, Laodicean hireling Max Lucado posted an apology to LGBTQ+ people for previous sermons of the sinful nature of same-sex marriage. In 2019, Baptist pastor Oliver Thomas, in an article published in USA Today, said what was killing the church was pastors preaching against homosexuality and same-sex marriage, and that those things could be a ‘beautiful part’ of the church. I could give you dozens more such examples but I think you get the point. Because the professing Christian church no longer preaches against sin and allows unregenerated and unsaved people to become church members, the church has become hopelessly confused. Right now, Joe Biden is trying to have a transgender who believes in chemical castration and genial mutilation of children confirmed as assistant Secretary of Health. Where is the outrage from the Church? Nowhere, and that’s the problem. Today I would like to bring you a message on clearing up the spiritual confusion you may be experiencing if you attend an evangelical, Charismatic or ‘seeker sensitive’ church. This sermon may make you mad, but it will be the truth in love from the King James bible, and I hope it will be a blessing to you.



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