Allen Smiley #fundie

I challenge anyone to show me, where in the constitutional ratifying conventions, same sex marriages were made a right? Moreover, the 14th amendment created no new rights. It pertained strictly to freed slaves not rights for such antichrist behavior. The federal government was created to promote Christianity, thus the phrase,"In the year of OUR LORD". First chief justice John Jay made this absolutely clear in document one of the Federalist Paper. The churches need to read the history of religion in this nation. Separation of church and state is a lie by antichrists like judge Hugo Black. Nor did Jefferson ever say such in his reply letter to the Danbury Baptist. He said the federal government cannot be used by another Christian denomination to force them to do as they do, thus creating a 'wall of separation'. The states still could support Christianity only and nothing else. Antichrists have gotten in positions in the government to promote the government of Satan to war against heaven on earth which is why Christ will destroy all governments of man upon His return.



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