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Here's the thing--if they can say matriarchy exists in places that aren't colonized by white people, then they can deduce misogyny is just a side effect of white supremacy. It isn't men who are the problem around the globe--it's white people.

⬆️ why i don't bother with black nationalism and allying with black men on the issue of race. ill take my chances with women tyvm ⬆️ there are black men who say these exact sentences over and over ⬆️ like bruh what is stopping you from treating women like human beings today? what does colonialism have to do with you?

This is a perfect point. What racist made you hit your girlfriend?

I rather liked your idea of female nationalism. Men will take any excuse to avoid confronting their own supremacy. It's why so much of male 'feminism' is somehow all about ensuring male sexual access to women.

This is why so many of my black sisters are divesting from black men. They want racial unity to fight white supremacy but that’s not possible when they keep treating women like sex objects.

It infuriates me to see women accused of bigotry for calling out sexism in minority communities, even if they're a member of those communities themselves. They're shamed into staying silent because you want to present a united front against the oppressor, don't you? It's very abusive to the women in those communities.

I’ve also seen it argued that people from traditionally oppressed groups don’t have to bother with any other social justice, environmental or other ethical issues. Somehow that argument never applies to women though.

Well obviously not, because women are the fucking helpmeets of the entire goddamn world.



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