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RE: Feminist academic paper: "Society would be better off as a whole if more women were willing to engage in justified violence against men"


How did this even got published?

You know full well why. Feminists co troll every aspect of society, and their entire movement - despite what their claims are - is a genocidal anti male movement

The stuff feminist literature says about men is effectively what German universities were publishing about the Jews

I don't know what I find more surprising about the article. That feminists are starting to open up directly about being pro violence against men (generally it's encouraged as a by-product and not directly) or the absurd statement that comes afterwards:

To that end, women’s justified violence against men should be encouraged, protected, and publicized. This will require a reversal of the current trend in legal and social practices

Let's entertain the author's idea then, and reverse the current legal and social practices concerning male and female violence. This is what would happen:

- Female victims of domestic violence would be more likely to be arrested than their aggressors.

- Women would serve 63% longer sentences than men for the same crimes.

- Killing men would result in longer sentences than killing women.

- Female sex offenders would be punished much more harshly than their male counterparts, even when children are the victims.

- Police would be much more violent against women (an even bigger gap than the race gap).

- There would be a sentencing bias against women that would be 6 times higher than the racial bias.

- Justice taskforces would be defending that men shouldn't be jailed for their crimes at all.

- A man raping a woman wouldn't be considered rape by law.

Hmm strange, reversing legal and social tendencies towards gendered violence does the exact opposite of what the author claims it does. Strange thing, if we reverse legal and social tendencies towards gendered violence what we end up is surprisingly similar to the world radical feminists believe they live in. Wonder what does that say about how society and law treat men.



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