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[Venting] I fucking love (hate) Germany

(skip this part if you dont give a fuck)
So first to my Person, iam a deputy workshop manager in a small highly specialized company. I get a very good salary, very good means top 10% in income in germany.
(BTW how does a incel get this kind of job? Be an autist in you job field, make a friend in the company, he becomes the head of the department, he cant deal with Computers and statistics, so he makes is autist friend who is good with computers and statistics the deputy position, and we are a excellent team btw, he deals with humans and i whit the papers, pc and statisitc and tell him what to tell the managment).
I have a special car becouse i dont know what to do with my money, i mean money gets useless for an Incel at a certain point. You get a Apartment a oldtimer, a daily driver, and a poser car. (my daily driver is a old vw golf 4 btw, cant tell the other cars becouse they are very specific) and then? a R 390 and a I-6600K is enough for everything i play. so i sit like a incel duck on my money.

(now you can read)

So its a Student City where i live, a real student city, so its like 33% of all humans here are young academic woman and we had a bunch of refuges here and still much arabs because of the big industry in the district. (they work in the small citys around but all get to the main city at the evening). So whats the problem?
Its hurting to see how young student woman idolize this mans, they where meetups with female students and refugees, i see arabs have there prize womans on the side, talk with them in bars and taking them home, i see the 80/20 rule every time iam in the city 2 guys with like 5 girls around them. arabs making some shit in the bars, arabs fell like the kings of the world even with low income (i know it, i need to hire them and see them in the city) my friend is very social (the head of managment) so the barkeepers know me and i talk with them, this arabs do lots of shit in the bars and they cant do anything because muhhhh Racism....
And the funny part?
I pay for all of this.
i pay +10k of taxes and social taxes, (only direct taxes btw)
i pay for the chad students
i pay for the low working class arabs (they pay less taxes and i more. welcome in germany)
i pay for the refugees and the students meet ups
i pay for the female students and the cockcarussel student years
hell i even pay more on womans night so chad gets his bitches drunk

just venting guys, i needet this.



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