Geocalyx #god-complex

Whoa, hey there. Let's discuss the NHL and Egyptians. Nobody does that! Everyone just talks about what other people say about "gnosis". Screw that.

First off, Ialdabaoth is an actual person who still exists, but not truly. Apocryphon of John claims this bloke, body-of-serpent-head-of-lion, instituted the Week. Guess who an actual person who did that was. And yes, his rule, the week, still lasts.

Secondly, Father is the All. He is community. His gift, his Son, is common sense. "Common" literally and otherwise.

Everyone is in community, but community itself is in no one. Community, community, why have thou forsaken me? (= Why indeed have these people turned against me??) - just a few examples.

His counterpart is the Archon. Prescribed, ignorant outsider's rule. Archon wants you to believe the world is just as he shows it. He lies. There is more to the world than what is prescribed in some Roman emperor-enforced fairy tale.

Oh look, a cross in the sky! And a Roman soldier is there to witness it! And there are also two men with heads till heavens, and a third one with head above heavens, and get this, the cross speaks!



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