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RE: West Texas Becomes Latest Border Battleground


“It’s become the wild, wild, West again”

Of course. We do have to be ‘tolerant’ of nonwhites, don’t we? Isn’t that how it works? Nothing has changed regarding race relations in 400 years. . . Except our numbers decline while their’s increases. It’s getting more difficult for our leaders to send out yet more whites oblivious to the dangers and to what has gone before.

(Scientific Realist)
In Saudi Arabia they amputate the hand of someone who is found guilty of theft. Thieves who get caught stealing twice will end up permanently disabled. Consequently, Saudi Arabia has one of the lowest theft rates in the entire world.

The American government should learn from the Arabs and likewise treat illegal border crossers with the harshest penalty possible, which would send a strong message to potential illegal aliens and cause them to think twice about migrating illegally. What should be done? Send any illegal alien to a penal camp for life where they work tirelessly for sixteen hours a day for seven days a week. They could never get a pardon or ever get out. Harsh as this idea is, it would virtually eliminate the illegal alien problem.

Yeah, we got a ranch 100 miles West of San Antonio. And I wish we didn`t. Totally my spouses property and her "quiet place". Though we haven`t had this happen yet, I know it`s only a matter of time. First thing, I would never never ever leave guns and ammo in the house. Because I want a fighting chance of being the only one with firepower when I pull up. Knowing I`ll be outnumbered either three or five or eleven to one. What I hate most, is laying down to sleep knowing that we are actually more vulnerable than at an isolated highway rest stop at 4am.

Seems like property owners could use their own discretion about ridding their property of these invaders. Just be sure to bury the evidence and no one will ever know.



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