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Greetings everyone. I am a Channeler, and Experiencer of extraterrestrial entities.

I have been abducted over 70 times in my life.

I am in contact with half a dozen extraterrestrials, and extradimensional species.

I've always wanted to do one of these threads, because I have only ever shared this information with my extremely close friends.

Please, ask me anything.

I will be using a Tripcode Name to identify myself with so I can answer any and all questions clearly.

Tell me, what races have you interacted with during your kidnappings?

I was originally taken by a species of the Emerther Collective. They're a telepathic species of "gray" aliens not unlike the ones you see in movies and television shows. That was followed with meeting several others over the course of my life, whether from abduction, or the use of mind altering substances like DMT and Psilocybin. They include the Grays, The Nordics/Plaedians, An insectoid species I can't identify, the Blue Avians, and a species of energy that exists only in the space between the Feldrum.

Why do they contact you?

I was told that only a handful of people who are sensitive their energy and wavelengths can be contacted. It was explained that, people who are psychic, or mediums, can more easily be contacted than someone who does not possess the sensitivity to interact with them.

Have they made you do sexual things?
Is the hybridization program real?

I have never had any sexual contact that I can remember.

The Hybridization program is real. But it is not an invasion. The species called Emerther are using human DNA to repair their own genetic code, after countless thousands of years of selective breeding, cloning, and genetic enhancement has left them without spirituality, or a connection to what they call "the source." Some kind of life energy that permeates all of the universe and is responsible for the spark of life on other planets.



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