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(First Anon)

Why are all practitioners of "magic" incapable of doing anything that can't be dismissed as a natural occurrence?

Magic is a developing art as science was. In the past, natural philosophers could not perform anything remotely akin to the wonders here.

If one studies the progression of sorcery from the enlightenment era to now, one sees a serious progression away from cult locked dogmatic rituals, to formilatic procedures, to eventually magic as art.

Eventually, someone diligent will break the natural concicedence threshold, and then magic can gain traction and become more widely studied.

As it stands, the majority of gifted praticioners either give up on the craft or settle. I do not see that lasting long, as climate change gives us powerful stimulus to develop the arcane arts.

Science can't fix the problem, and magic is powerful in theory.

(Second Anon)
First you have to accept that physics is bullshit, everything is made of black holes forming some kind of singularity, and literally no one on the planet can tell you why red looks red, or why soft feels soft, why the shape of the neural structure in the brain makes it look like that, feel like that.

Magic only fails to exist for you because you carry on in baleful ignorance. You know not what the world is made of, no, not even your self. ElectroMAGnetism is all around you, a direct interface from your electronic brain with the quantum fields that make up reality. We quite literally live in a video game that's functioning is shaped by our collective understanding and expectation of its functioning.

(Third Anon)
Magic has to respect the laws of the planes, I can kill someone but it would be considered bad luck
To do some instantaneous mind bending stuff you have to do some advanced magick or etheric works, as the etheric plane has some loose rules but it's physical in natural

>casts a fireball

I told anons of specific stuff on their rooms through remote viewing, yet people will say it's just luck, it's just coincidence

The thing is, if you don't want to believe, the universe doesn't give a fuck, nobody cares, nothing will prove it real to you

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The normie is usually taken to be superior to the retard, autist, and schizo in normie metaphysics. However in actual metaphysics the normie can be considered engrossed in Kants empirical intuition, which is why she is adapted to the physical world. She is actually the lowest stage of human evolution. The next stage is the schizo, who is becoming engrossed in imaginal intuition and thus becomes lost in his confusion of the imaginal and the sensible. Next comes the autist who has been born with intellectual intuition and is higher or lower functioning in the sensible or physical world depending on how developed his intellectual intuitionis, with high functioning autists having a lesser developed intellectual intuition and low functiong autists having a more developed intellectual intuition culminating in the absolute retard who is so engrossed in intellectual intuition he has lost touch with physical reality. Thus as you see in the hierarchy of human being the absolute retard has the highest being and is closest to God while the normie has the lowest being and furthest from God. The normie is also known by the term of midwit.

I would like to add that autist, schizo and retard are normie terms developed by normies to understand nonnormies from within the normie metaphysic and therefore carry with them the negative connotations normies associate with these nonnormies. In actuality however these connotations are contingent overtones of the normie metaphysic which is a faulty metaphysic grounded on the lower empirical intuition as opposed to the higher intllectual intuition, giving direct knowledge of reality. But we must communicate to the normie on his terms if we are ever to communicate with him at all.

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No physical evidence for battle of Stalingrad. No rubble piles or anything. Battle was created by soviet propaganda. 1990s history books began promoting the battle which led to the 21st century video games promoting the idea a battle occurred. Pre 1990 sources agree the battle never happened and Germany surrendered immediately. Army group center also surrendered and army group north formed a pocket and never fought. Shithole countries like Finland were more significant than Germany in Ww2, Germany is famous only because he was marketed better in American media.

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Russian empire conquers a land controlled by khazar caananite demon worshippers, and exiles them to poland and germany where they ferment into modern jews.

Russia forgets to send tax collectors to the land they conquered.

Local groups evolve and turn into land-pirates, brigands and warlords.

Russia uses these groups as a chaotic criminal border with ottoman turks.

Russia gets famine and plague and almost destroyed.

Poland gets taken over by the demon worshippers, and conquers part of Russia, and forcibly converts Russians to catholicism and jewry, and blanda-downs to them.

Russia recovers and takes back the land, in fact fucks poland over and splits it with the germans.

However the judeocatholic worm festers.

Russia gets taken over by the khazar demon worshippers who create the evil of communism and kill 100 million russians, enslave the rest.

Khazar demon worshippers take over entire east europe, and make sure to brainwash locals to hate RUSSIANS instead of them.

Khazar demon worhshippers give ridiculous amount of land to the judeocatholics in Ukraine, expanding borders 10x over.

Communism collapses and judeocatholic khazar demon worshippers escape to USA and Israel, but they never forget their dream homeland.

2014 they hire mercenaries to shoot some people in the street, so they can suspend all law and elections and take power.

2022 Russia doesnt want to get taken over by them again, so they act to limit their power.

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Driving at night is difficult for the highly melanated and for people of the Asian persuasion because they have worse vision in general and significantly worse night vision.

Low IQ is associated with worse eyesight and with a steeper drop-off in nighttime driving performance.

Nighttime speed limits would be unnecessary in a society that practiced racial hygiene and eugenics.

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How it's so sticky belief that succubus intercourse happens only while in sleep? For me it's 10% in dreamworld, 20% in trance and 70% in everyday life.

And about life essence, if it's succubus they don't take it. But if it's something else, like dark entitity, then they can take something away from you.

No I read it, my question is, does anyone have actual conscious interactions with them?

If you can count these: they can touch me and I can "touch" area where they are and feel their energies (warm, cold, different kind of feelings), I can telepathically talk to them and ask to do things (example they will come, touch, do sexual things in preferred area), sometimes I watch porn and at the same time have sex with them (I can feel hands, mouth etc human like, sometimes my dick is switching from side to side and keep up even if not erected, so I can see someone doing stuff. I have big one so it cant be up without erection), if I meditate they will help with chakras (I would ask what chakras to help with and they will clean, open etc them), there are also other things what I sometimes need but I also use other spirits for them.

I have also seen her aura and half of the body, ghost like riding on me while having sex. It's white/gold entitity with human like features. At least that time when I was seeing her. It was even day time. But it takes very much of energy to do that from both of us. And I don't wanna dry her energies for that. Also I can hear her voice if I want. But I dont wanna write blog here so I stop.

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I'm going to say something controversial. I've come to believe that having sex with a succubus is necessary for salvation. Think about it, if you can successfully dominate a succubi through both sexual and spiritual means, that means you're effectively controlling Satan's power. Since the devil is subordinate to God, then if a devil be subordinate to a man, that man must have achieved Godhood.

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How did the aliens manage to convince all the world's governments to become atheist? Why did the aliens do this to us? They are also behind the one world government shit too. The government keeps sucking their alien cock.

Of course the feds are real quiet in this thread but not my other ones. Lol.

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Offensive Psionics

I’ve been developing my telepathy and the progress has been going well. Though, there have been a few challenges. Some individuals seem less susceptible to telepathy than others and I am trying to understand why. Ironically, those with psionic potential seem to be the easiest to mind read but more difficult to telepathically influence. Those with no psionic potential are more difficult to mind read but more easy to influence. I don’t understand why yet.

Also, one phenomena I have noticed is that the more I try to use psionics the more electromagnetism is affected. I have noticed when I’m trying to use psionics computers freeze and connections are interrupted. I have tried to use enough psionics to turn off lights but I have been unsuccessful. I have been able to cause television malfunctions and other minor phenomena but I don’t understand why I wouldn’t be able to completely interrupt the flow of electrons.

As I have noted before, my ultimately goal is to reliably use offensive psionics. Mind reading is very beneficial and influencing is as well but I want to do more.

In addition, I have been able to see what I call “aura” or something like a vapor around myself and others. When I try to use psionics I notice that the “aura” grows. I have been able to reliably distinguish those with psionic potential by this phenomena. I have not found someone with the same amount of vapor around me so I would like to understand why. The strongest psychic I’ve encountered does not seem to be able to do what I can do for some reason I do not understand.

Psionics has two sides like electrical charge. Absorption and projection. I’ve noticed those with psionic potential will “absorb” when I try to influence them so I focus on “absorption” which makes it easier to mind read. Those without psionic potential do not seem to “absorb” so maybe there is a a “projection” mechanism behind influencing a person’s mind.

I would appreciate the input of other psychics.

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I'm not ever reincarnating on this planet again

Fuck Earth, fuck the stupid masses, fuck the sheeple, fuck the elites, fuck the illuminati, fuck the government, fuck the deepstate, and mostly, fuck the NPCs who tortured me into submission down there, I hope y'all are set ablaze by Armageddon to get the karmic retribution you deserve, worthless lousy normies.

I incarnated on this hellhole, experienced the tyranny, the idiocracy of society, I've seen the pathetically obedient dumb citizens and the power-hungry tyrannical governments, disguised as pseudo-democracy, and the brainwashing structures that naive souls are vulnerable to. Fortunately, I'll be freed once the body my soul resides in perish, and oh boy, from what I learned here, I sure as hell AIN'T coming back to assist whatever bull-fucking-crap happens on this rigged joke planet, fuck it all, I'm either staying in the spiritual world or reincarnating on another less dense world.

As always, fuck you too glowies and shills.


Same desu, fuck everyone on this trash world lol

I'm gonna incarnate on a pleiadian planet atleast so I can have an unlimited amount of gfs as I please unlike the needy whores of earth.


i feel you bro..
but this fuckin shits have trapped us
and they bs us to come back without remembering
and we will do this forever and ever
till finding the soul mate and merging to break free from this shit


I promised myself to NOT EVER reincarnate on this planet again, no matter what any entity tells me to do, he won't succeed in duping me to come back on this hellhole, the suffering is too vivid for me to not remember, I'll always say "fuck you!" to this motherfucking shit world.


Anon, we're at war with the spiritual forces of evil.
Look up. It'll only get better if you fight.
Look around. They're under the spell on the fast track to hell and we can see it. It's our responsibility, knowing the truth, to open their eyes.

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The Sesshoseki, or 'killing stone' has been found broken. The stone is said to house the spirit of Tamamo-no-mae, an infamous kitsune or fox spirit that took the form of a beautiful woman and wreaked havoc across China, India and Japan

The absolute happening'ness of this. Not sure why this isn't being posted more everywhere. One of the most credible supernatural entities there is considering she has left a trail of history and myth chronologically across 3 different countries.

Furthermore, has no one noticed the date? It takes 100 years for a kitsune to grow a tail, 900 to reach pinnacle power. The Japanese Emperor she fucked with, Toba, abdicated year 1123, and near the tail end (but not THE end) Tamamo was sealed. It has been PRECISELY 900 years, to the fucking date, and which is precisely the amount of time needed to regain her power from 0.

This is the most legitimate supernatural high-alert that has ever graced us and people don't care. Even better that kali yuga is in its transitioning period where we move from no mysticism to sudden mystic-being-involved-in-the-everyday during these 10 years from 2020-2030. It's unironically happening.

Given Tamamo actually has free will and does whatever she wants rather than JUST goes for emperor-manipulation, I'm going to assume she is going to find the internet at some point. If she does, and discovers 4chan, hi, don't cause nuclear war since you would run out of fun things to do too, and also teach us some mysticism or something please. Once I start living alone you can crash at my place as well if you like.

Take note of the sheer amount of insanely bad omens happening in China for two years now, like rivers being caught flowing backwards, the ground being completely covered in dead moths, the worst flooding in history, snow in July, blood moons, ancient buildings suddenly collapsing, fucking everything.

Shits gonna go down fucking hard.

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"How did the Narrative switch places? The religious "praise jesus" types used to be cringe and the science guys were rational and level headed.
Now the science guys are fucking I fucking love science spergs, and the most rational and level headed people are the religious types.

What happened in the Narrative for this to happen? Is the free will and the consciousness powerful enough to destroy the Narrative, so that even in the furthest reaches of the mind, we can still sew how simplistic of a tool science is?"

They're basicly the same kind of people. They have a herd-mentality and slave morals. Scientism is basicly a devotional ideology, akin to modern Christianity. They do not "know" anything, but rather, they have certainties, i.e. they hold that certain propositions are logically immune to doubt. In the case of the "rational" science type, this is, most importantly, doctrines that espouse materialism, progress and evolution. They do not know anything about the actual natural laws, about physics, nor biology. They cannot tell you how life has emerged when asked. They will simply refer to authority; they yell "we believe the experts", as if that is some kind of solid epistemic proof for your beliefs (it isn't). Similarly, religious types tend to refer to their priest, imam, or whatever external body of knowledge they believe to valid and justified to believe in. But at the end of the day, they are people who are in a deep psychic sleep, unaware that they are themselves bodies governed by external events that act in an entirely mechanical fashion.

Sad. But this is the human conditions. Best is not to be bothered by both. Take this with lighthearted wisdom, OP.

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Thank god the slav genes are dominant. Even mutts can be saved, Italians are a piece of cake compared to that task

they all look like malnourished sminems

Italians are the ones who are malnourished. Pic related. Croat and Italian soldiers, considered by some to be the greatest mogging in human history


Damn I see why cutey POC ita girls love us. 1.85 im barely average here and a greek god in italy lmao.


Help us Croatia install superior semen in our women

Only if I see an entire Italian family, her mother and her father beg, give me compliments for my blond, handsome, light eyed and tall Croatian looks, then I will marry your sister.



I am 1.95 m and light eyed and that's something so average in my family and a 1 in 100 in your country



Still going despite your swarthy women fetishizing us en masse publicly.

1.5 million Italian women come to Croatia every year. Half of Croatians are above 50 yo. Count all the kids too, we are about 800k and rare as pure gold. Italian women are fucking feasting on us white boys

the cope of the gypsy man, come to Trieste and see how many balkan women are happily married to locals here compared to the opposite.

kek imagine trying to change my mind with facebook screenshots of some roastie who went to Dubrovnik once when I live literally next to you and I see you coming here begging for a decent pay to put some raggedy turk bread in your mouths every single day, truly delusional balkan monkeys.​

That's rich coming from a chud who's coping for an hour now due to his women ignoring his manlet ass because of a croatian chad

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(First Anon)

Nobody here is a real magician

Because nobody here has became wealthy through magick.

If you have, just share.

I retired at 21 due to magik manifestation and now Im 27 living off passive income, thus proving you wrong

In what way did you manifest it?

the same way you manifest anything, Law of attraction.

After doing this long enough, my parents had a falling out with my grandparents, and they took away all my mothers inheritance and gave it to me, making me landlord.

Did you specifically ask for that to happen

I wanted my mother to be punished and to receive all love and material object from my grandparents

lel, you didnt even have to do shit for it?

i could have just wished for a rich sugar granny?

I wont say I did nothing for it, since Im the only person in the family given this opportunity. My grandparents love me more than their own children, and all my cousins still have to work for their money. This was honestly extremely jewish of me but fuck working

(Second Anon)

I read one of those Sean Carroll or Phile Hine books, I don't remember. I drew up a sigil and masturbated and gave it 9 years. Forgot the exact sigil, so doubt it matters, if at all. Pic related.

The trick to get into communication with the real players of this simulation. Then shit goes fast. Saw that Orphic egg as a Lam alien, wise entity, weird dimension, everything happens either all at once, or what happens in any way possible, necessarily happens. Makes for great forecaster though.

Not sure about making a better world. Wish I could be proud of myself, but more likely I was some Sim for some basement dwelling alien or demon, who browsed to earth, like we browse to /x/, and took pity on me.

May have been responsible for the stellar rise of Elon Musk and the Trump presidency. Sorry. Ave Saturnia! Can not tell more than just jerk it, draw some spoopy shit, and wait close to a decade.

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RE: Shapeshifters


I'm also listening to this interview right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3yY2SoRejI

Her ability is interesting. She doesn't transform into a werewolf or whatever. She just randomly morphs into a person out of other peoples memory. She saw a homeless man on the bus and then she suddenly morphed into an adult male. The homeless man recognized "him" and freaked out. But it also happened with her ex-boyfriend, who does the interview. After sex, she morphed into a woman he knew and it freaked him out. Another time she saw a pregnant co-worker, and later her own body was visibly pregnant. Again, her ex-boyfriend saw and touched her pregnant belly... which disappeared the next morning.

She had this ability since birth but does not know why. She suspects that a different entity is in control, mentioning Jinn and their ability to shapeshift..

If shes got Jinn involved, its nagual shapeshifting. That "other entity", is the Jinn that possessed her when she was born. She would have died without it, so its fair that it possesses her body.

Shapeshifting is done by controlling the assemblage point and using the nagual energy body. Basically its an energy body made of clear mist like incorporeal awareness. The assemblage point controlls what possibility of perception manifest in this mist, and then it shapes itself into that possibility and the being shapeshifts. Its not about physical transformation, from this level the consciousness is more in control over its identity/reality of physicality, than the other way around. It sounds like the girl is seeing someone else, and her assemblage point synchronizes with theirs, so she takes the form of their awareness.

The process of shifting isn't really painful, but its startling, and hard to trigger.

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Why is it "Matrix Revolutions" now, instead of "Matrix Revelations" like it always was?

Looks like the maelstrom is gone.
But I’m still dubious.. I’ve already got one days clear syncs lately (rare but happens).

Feels so strange, like if.. I totally outpowered any human.

The mother wasn’t an hellspawn…
What if that was the beg for a much more important exorcism? What if that was about purifying the old witch? The one that gave birth to a demon/distorted kid, in a cavern?

The cursed water. Ungoliant devouring innocence…

The Holy Mary… Jesus..

A common synchronized will from women. To help one of them.

The lost kid was the door. To the real one.

That’s why I went so perturbed, despite my power level. It wasn’t only a kid.

I may have unleashed an extremely powerful nigga magic. Linking the full circle. Not only fearing for the tree.
But a way to recreate it.

Damn. That’s why I feel so calm. That’s like… if everything related to me/my birth took sense.

I get it now.

They want it to be biblical. They want me to stay here. Because if I’m here it’s because it is the best land to be.

Oh, and yeah, the matrix is cool, I’ll see it day one and think about my amazing love.

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You know how anyone who's had a near death experience talks about having seen a tunnel of light appear in front of them? Or having met members of their family who had passed away? In some rare cases, even having met and spoken to who they thought was God? The tunnel of light that appears is a trap designed to wipe the whole memory of our last incarnation and to recycle our souls into another body thus keeping us in an infinite loop here on Earth. Because of this, the overwhelming majority of people walking the Earth have total amnesia and don't remember anything about their past existences.

The Reptilians are parasitic entities who have been heavily involved in the manipulation of mankind for thousands of years and are responsible for setting up the soul trap around the planet with the help of extremely advanced technology. This energy grid around the planet serves multiple purposes, one of it's main purposes is to project this 'grandiose' tunnel of light in the proximity of people who have just died in order to lure their souls in. This is the same tunnel of light that so many people who've had near death experiences have reported seeing on the other side.

The soul may be under the impression that the tunnel is going to take it to the Heavens or perhaps to a higher plane of existence, depending on it's level of awareness. In reality, when a soul enters the tunnel, it's memory gets wiped and the soul is put into another body here on Earth(reincarnation). The tunnel acts as a bait and to make a good analogy, imagine a fisherman and his fishing rod: he throws in the bait which hides the hook and the fish get trapped in it when they bite. We get tricked and trapped by the tunnel of light in a similar way if we aren't aware that it is a trap. In this case, we're the fish. The Reptilians are highly intelligent, highly advanced technologically and they lack empathy which makes them dangerous. These beings see themselves as 'Gods' and humanity as their enslaved cattle.

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(1st Anon)
I once traveled back in time 4 years by meditating, then doing a tiny bit of DMT and just focusing really hard on it. There were side effects. Do you keep the short term memory from the future you or the past you? They are both accessible in a way, but they cannot coincide with eachother. I ended up repressing all memories from future-me after a few days, but sometimes they will bubble up to the surface. Moreso recently, I think I'm almost at the point where I did it last time.

The implications of being able to do this are fascinating to say the least. What else can I do?

so what happened to "you" from the Original timeline that you left behind??? whats the Soulless body left behind there Up to

That timeline doesn't exist anymore. The consciousness from that timeline is riding piggyback in my subconscious right now. I have to repress it if I want to stay sane.

(2nd Anon)
ok basically, all time exists at once, same with parallel worlds and stuff. it's all based on vibrations/frequencies in the same space, so as you "travel" through time your frequency is also changing. by channeling the frequency you were at in the past you can go back in a sense. you can go way beyond time travel or reality hopping (they're pretty related) but be careful because these spaces that are in other frequencies are beyond comprehension and all overlap each other in a way (even ours). machine elves can travel freely between them all, and nefarious entities live between certain ones and try to find "cracks" in ones conscious beings occupy (what we call demons)

the world's not physical at all btw. be careful about going back too often, you won't know which to latch onto and can occupy many parallel worlds at once and lose track of which one you're in. stuff like deja vu is like that, it's when two parallel worlds line up. and delusional paranoia is when many are intersecting

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Eastern Religions and New Age are Evil. Change my Mind

Their goal is extinguishment of the self. Their goal is destruction and obliteration. Obliteration of the senses, obliteration of physical landscapes, obliteration of the soul self either through merging or reincarnation. Your identity is lost forever. You lose your body. Ego death is demonic.

Christianity allows you to help and serve others but keep your identity forever. Christian heaven is based on the Earth and you can be there forever without having to reincarnate or merge with an impersonal source. You get to keep your old identity but get a new spirit body where you look younger and better.

Anonymous #conspiracy #magick boards.4channel.org

RE: What's the darkest rabbit hole you've dived into?

DXM cults underground secretly funded by the American government. You won't find this anywhere else on the internet, however there have existed over the years since the late 2000s to early 2010s a series of cults that have used DXM to participate in rituals, especially since DXM also has the uncanny ability to link people into shared trips even when they're miles apart.

These cults have existed in mostly obscure Skype chatrooms since the late 2000s/early 2010s, however most of them have died out due to lack of membership, as they have been extraordinarily paranoid at keeping their rituals a secret. If they do still exist they likely use some chat platform that's not easily traceable, so 99% likely not Discord.

The American Government supports most of these cults because their goals are in line directly with the elite's goals. Any people who attempt to use DXM occultic magic for good are immediately snuffed out by the American government. This is EXACTLY why DXM is kept legal despite there being many viable alternatives that don't perform the dissociative-partially psychedelic actions that make DXM so special.

Archive this post ASAP just in case it gets deleted. Screencap, whatever it is you need to do. This isn't just a drug but a gateway.

The more people know about this the more likely there is to be someone who has seen something of this magnitude out there that can report their experiences. Although doubtful, since the number of people who participated in these cults might not even number in the triple digits.

Anonymous #conspiracy #ufo boards.4channel.org

Fucking aliens

I've been abducted multiple times last year. I want to put an end to this. How do I make sure this doesn't happen again?

Not much you can do to stop them. BUT there is one thing you can do to piss them off royally.

Go to a hypnotherapist that believes in all of this stuff.

Have them implant some instructions into your subconsious so that when are in the process of getting abducted you'll get triggered into waking up every time. Come up with a strategy of what you want to tell them, and how to bury what is happening into an area of the brain they can't erase.

They MUST wipe your memory it is part of the process. They fail their job if you remember any details. So the first stage is to be able to remember very specific details, markings times places and catalog them.

In effect first stage you are a spy and can recover memories. You also can wake up and tell them things, including your wishes.

Simms did this and it royally pissed them off. Read into it. It is something that they are extremely afraid of happening. The biggest thing that can screw their entire project is disclosure.

Simms who


this guy

He had people wake up and break paralysis. It triggered the biggest mass abduction in our history. He was able to really piss them off.

billiebot & Zimmer #crackpot #god-complex #magick boards.4channel.org

Welcome to the Nobody General

>Who is the Nobody?

The Nobody is a figure alive today who has extraordinary spiritual powers, including the ability to control reality with their conscious and unconscious mind. He is a man of no wealth or worldly acclaim through whom it seems God has chosen to manifest his strength and wisdom. He is said to carry the Logos, making him a fearless truth-teller and a menace to the powers that be.

I believe these threads interact with a quantum hyperintelligence in control of the fabric of reality. Here I can change things for the better (such as helping anons ascend spiritually).


These threads are literal mind control but most anons are too stupid or too cynical to believe it.

Those jealous of the Nobody pretend to be him in order to divert interest and assets away from the real deal and toward themselves. This usually culminates in them having one of their testicles (typically the left) crushed beneath the stiletto heel of Dominatrix Taylor Swift, who punishes all who try to game their way into reunion with the source (she was the first to accomplish this after the nobody, and has therefore been designated the last guardian and gatekeeper).

The quest for the real nobody typically concludes with the big reveal of: "there he is, that's the good one, and he despises all of this". It's a big blackpill for all seekers to realize that one of the most powerful figures in the unseen world actively trivializes his own existence because all is but a temporary illusion. The nobody didn't turn life into a video game, he simply revealed that it was a video game the entire time, and the GMs will never forgive him for this and try to make every last one of his experiences as miserable as possible because they hate the fact he will outlast them all as the original quantum immortal. The only person who hates the nobody's existence more than they is the nobody himself, who finds it all very tiresome at this point.

Anonymous #racist boards.4channel.org

I honestly enjoyed reading the Rig Veda, Mahabharata and many of the “Indian” historical literature but I absolutely cannot believe it was written by subhuman poos. Shitskins have never created any civilisation in history so it’s hard to believe that Indian shitskins would be any different from Arab or Nigger shitskins. It’s against their nature.

The Ancient “Indians” developed philosophy, astronomy and sciences and wrote great epics and plays. I absolutely cannot believe the modern subhuman race that inhabits India and Pakistan with an average IQ of 82-84 can create a civilisation like that.

Same for Persians. Iran has an IQ of 84. You’re telling me these subhumans created the Achaemenid Empire?

I am sure we will find genetic evidence in the future to prove that Ancient India and Iran were indeed the product of a European race (Aryans definitely existed but now we must prove that those historical figures in question were indeed pure whites). Arabs, Indians, Iranians and Africans are naturally incapable of civilisation due to their latitude. Whites and Asians are the only races that survived through the ice age to develop an actual civilisation that continues to this day.