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[Blackpill] Only the Elite should breed

The Elite want the world for themselves. They want the population down to about 500 million at the highest, so I say let them have it. Being born with disadvantages means you’re destined for misery.

Working class people shouldn’t breed because you’re just creating more wage slaves and capitalist serfs to toil for Mr Noseberg and his corporation. You’ll make a fraction of what he makes. Being working class also means you’re poor and at the bottom rung of the socio-economic hierarchy. You’re one of the “commoners”. The masses. You’re just another number. A non person. Being poor = death. You’ll have limited monetary options in life and your life is expendable.
You will especially suffer in the dating market where the modern woman doesn’t want an average Joe.

Ugly and short men shouldn’t breed either as they’re at a genetic disadvantage compared to their peers. No woman wants to date or have sex with an unattractive man (somebody they don’t find attractive). Personality is giga cope, a woman doesn’t date based on personality.

I’m working class and ugly so it’s double over for me.

TL;DR: Give up if you’re working class, poor and/or ugly.



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